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13 Products For The Little Padawan In Your Kitchen

"Always pass on what you have learned." –Yoda

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1. Star Wars Two-Slice Toaster

Select Brands, Inc

Any old toaster can make toast (I hope! It’s kinda the whole point!) but not many toasters emblazon your boring old bread with the insignia of the nefarious Galactic Empire and the heroic Rebel Alliance. (At least they shouldn’t. If yours does, you may want to get it looked at.) Just try to avoid making your toast too dark. We don’t need another Anakin Skywalker situation on our hands.

2. Lightsaber Electric Salt and Pepper Mill

Pangea Brands LLC

“The fear of under seasoned food is the path to the Dark Side.” Nothing in the description indicated if they’re any good for grinding up Kyber crystals, but given how rare those things are, I’m not sure why you’d want to. Best to stick with salt and pepper.

3. Star Wars Doodles Appetizer Plates


These dishes are so nice, you’ll want to only use them for special occasions. You know, like victory ceremonies where everyone gets a medal except the Wookiee for some reason. Anyway, these dishes are made by Corelle, so they’re as durable as they are handsome.

4. Lightsaber Chopsticks


It’s an honored rite of passage when a young Padawan’s braid is cut by the council and they are finally awarded the title of Jedi and a lightsaber of their own. You don’t have to go through all that hassle though. Sure, these lightsaber chopsticks won’t cut through reinforced blast shields, but they’ll help you get your sesame chicken from plate to mouth.

5. Darth Vader Waffle Maker

Uncanny Brands

In between blowing up planets, kidnapping princesses, vanquishing fromer mentors, and chopping off hands, Darth Vader likes to take a break and lend his image to perfectly cooked waffles. Just try to focus on too much of the, uh, less appetizing behaviors.

6. BB-8 Teapot and Mug

Underground Toys

Whether you’re having an imaginary tea party or, you know, actually making yourself a hot beverage to enjoy, there’s no better companion for teatime than BB-8. The best part is that this little BB-8 has everything you need since it’s a teapot and mug all in one.

7. Baby Yoda Mug

Zak Designs

Having a guest over for teatime? You’re going to need a second mug! This lovely little mug shaped like the Child from the Mandalorian is the perfect way to have a soothing cup of tea or really any drink. For the full experience, maybe try a little tea brewed from whole space frogs.

8. Chewbacca Tiki Tumbler

Beeline Creative

This spill-resistant tiki tumbler is straight out of the forests of Kashyyyk. This thing makes a great gift for any fan of Star Wars. In fact, they may end up loving it so much that they’ll offer you a Wookiee life debt. Just do me a favor… let the tiki tumbler win.

9. Millennium Falcon Silicone Baking Mat


Some kitchen projects require equipment that’s a little more rugged, and there’s nothing more rugged than the reliable ol’ Millennium Falcon. Just like the real thing, this attractive silicone baking mat is oven-safe, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe, so it’s perfect for all your cooking needs. (On second thought, I’m not sure the actual starship is dishwasher-safe.)

10. Death Star Popcorn Maker

Uncanny Brands LLC

The Death Star is a powerful and imposing piece of equipment that can make short work of planets and popcorn kernels alike. This popcorn popper is the perfect addition to your next family movie night. And I’ve got the perfect movie suggestion for you. You’ll never guess what it is. It’s Star Wars. Just watch Star Wars.

11. Star Wars Pyrex Food Storage Set


Food storage is often so… boring. But thanks to these rad food containers from Pyrex, you’ll never forget about that leftover lasagna ever again. There’s nothing worse than finding some forgotten food in the back of the fridge that looks like something you’d meet in an Imperial trash compactor on Detention Block AA-23.

12. Droid Depot Kitchen Towel Set

Galaxy’s Edge

Kitchen towels aren’t the most exciting product on the list, but they are one of the most useful! And with these droid-themed towels, you’ll be putting your fandom on full display for anyone who happens to wander into your kitchen.

13. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Cookbook

Titan Books

Now that you’ve got all the gear, you’re going to need some recipes to put it all to good use with. The Star Wars: Galaxy Edge cookbook has all your favorites: fried womprat, tauntaun tartare, and porg porridge. Okay, fine. I made all those up. But this cookbook does have loads of fun Star Wars–themed dishes that your family can cook together.

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