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Turn Your Kitchen Rainbow With These Colorful Recipes

If your favorite flavor is rainbow, come on in to the kitchen for these tasty recipes!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

rainbow recipes

Mom Dot

For Pride celebrations, rainy days, or any day when you could use a tasty, colorful treat, these rainbow recipes will light up your kitchen! Upgrade classics that you love like cake, cookies, and s'mores with a colorful rainbow twist.

Rainbow Bagels


Mom Dot

Breakfast just got extremely colorful, thanks to these rainbow bagels. Not only do these bagels taste great, they'll also give you a pretty good arm workout while making them. Each color of dough has to be separately kneaded for about 10 minutes to make the recipe work. But it'll be worth it in the end (promise!) — and your bagels will taste 100 times better knowing all of the hard work you put into making them. 

Rainbow Marshmallow Dream Bars


Number 2 Pencil

Sweet is an understatement with these marshmallow cereal treats. Skip the Rice Krispies and replace them with Fruity Pebbles for a rainbow twist on the classic treat. Even the youngest kids can get in on this recipe, since it's mostly pouring and mixing. Everything comes together rather quickly, so make sure you have all of your ingredients measured out and ready to go. 

Rainbow S'mores Dip


The Decorated Cookie

If chips and salsa had a sweet cousin, it would be this rainbow s'mores dip. This dip has everything you love (and the kids!) about s'mores, minus the campfire smoke! The Decorated Cookie transforms marshmallows into color bombs by giving them a quick dip in sprinkles before placing everything in the oven to get nice and toasty. While she uses graham crackers as the vehicle for the dip, we wouldn't hold it against you if you used cookies or even just ate it by the spoonful.  

Rainbow Unicorn Cake with Twinkie Filling


Let's Eat Cake

I wouldn't blame you if you ate half of the filling of this cake even before it hit the oven — with a Twinkie flavored filling, who can resist? But let's back up for a second and talk about the rest of the cake. Not only does Let's Eat Cake's rainbow unicorn cake have a Twinkie filling, but it also has a heaping layer of vanilla frosting which sits on top of a moist layer of rainbow cake. See what I mean about eating it all before it hits the oven?

Chocolate Covered Rainbow Strawberries


Love Bakes Good Cakes

Looking for an easy dessert for the whole family to make? Look no further than these chocolate covered rainbow strawberries. These strawberries take everything you love about the decadent fruity treat and put a rainbow spin on it. So, where does the chocolate get its color? Love Bakes Good Cakes uses white chocolate candy melts to get all of the different colors. Once you have everything melted down, let the kids grab a strawberry and get dipping to make their own creation. You can even switch it up and dip some pretzels for a salty twist.

Rainbow Crepes

DSC 9028


Crepes are the ultimate fancy food that is actually pretty simple to make. It's basically like making a pancake in a blender. Show off your skills in the kitchen and whip up a batch of rainbow crepes. To turn the silky pancakes different colors, simply separate the batter and add in some food coloring — it's that simple! The Proper Blog fills these crepes with key lime whipped cream, but feel free to make them even more colorful and fill them with strawberries, bananas, or Nutella. 

DIY Tie Dye S'mores


Studio DIY

If you love playing with slime, something tells me you're going to be all over these tie dye s'mores. Unlike slime, this colorful gooey creation is something that you can actually eat. Studio DIY goes all out for this recipe by making the marshmallows from scratch, but don't be too intimated to try it at home! It's actually much easier than you would think — just make sure to have an adult around in the kitchen as you'll need to heat the sugar to a super high temp.

Unicorn Poop Cupcake Cones Recipe


Mom Dot

Move over ice cream — this rainbow cake is stealing the spot in the ice cream cone. For this recipe, you get to ditch the cake pan and pour the rainbow batter right into the ice cream cone. The cone acts just like a pan and turns your cake into a treat that you can hold right in your hand. Bonus: With no cake pan, clean-up is a breeze!