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Save A Spot For Frosty With These Tie-Dye Snowman Placeholders

You CAN sit with us.

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You CAN sit with us. Your canvas: paper plates. Your medium: edible paint. Your brushes: marshmallows. Use miniature marshmallows to blot edible paint onto a snowman card template to let your family know where to sit during your holiday meal. Color Aunt Nathalie pink and blue, or Uncle Ari red and green.

So, who’s coming to dinner? What makes each person special, and how would you imagine them in snowman form? You can copy our version or come up with a creation all your own.

Maev Partners / CAMP

Maev Partners / CAMP

Here’s what you’ll need...

Unbleached All Purpose Enriched Flour

Simple Truth Organic™ Powdered Sugar

Kroger® Drinking Water

Kroger® Assorted Food Colors

Kroger® Mini Marshmallows

Kroger® Heavy Weight Paper Plates 10 Inch

Kroger® Heavy Weight Paper Bowls


Crayola Classic Colors Fine Line Markers

Office Works® Utility Scissors - Blue

Office Works® Invisible Tape - 3 Pack - Clear


1. First, make your paint. Each color requires one spoonful of flour, one spoonful of powdered sugar, three spoonfuls of water and one drop of food coloring. Mix well until you get a thick paste. Repeat to create each paint color. Tip: If the paint is too runny, add a pinch more flour.

Maev Partners / CAMP

Maev Partners / CAMP

2. Stick one toothpick into a marshmallow to create a “paint brush.” Repeat to make a marshmallow-and-toothpick brush for each color.

Maev Partners / CAMP

Maev Partners / CAMP

3. Using your markers, draw a snowman body and face on the center of each paper plate. At the bottom of the snowman, draw a long rectangle the width of the plate. Cut out your template, leaving the rectangle attached to the snowman. Later, this will help our snowy friends stand up straight.

Maev Partners / CAMP

Maev Partners / CAMP

4. Dip your marshmallow brushes into your paint and GET DOTTING! 

5. Let the snow people dry for 10 minutes. Write one guest’s name in each rectangle, and then tape the ends of the rectangle together, making a circle for the snowman to stand on.

6. Now it’s time to organize a gallery the dinner table! You have all the power. Ari and Nathalie are best friends, so make sure they are next to each other. Once all the art is in place, everyone can walk around the table and find their seats. Pass the stuffing, please!

Maev Partners / CAMP

Maev Partners / CAMP