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10 Tasty Birthday Cake Ideas for Your September Birthday

Celebrate their big day with hippo cakes, pizza cakes, and cakes that look almost too good to eat — emphasis on *almost.*

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

KellyClare-photography 0060-2

Kelly Clare Photography | Jenny Cookies

Maybe it's a new school year for everyone — but it's a whole new trip around the sun for all the September babies, and it's time to celebrate! Go big on their big day with birthday cakes that look amazing and taste even better!

Teddy Bear Cake

Fun fact: the teddy bear is turning 119 years old this year. While the cuddly stuffed animal named after Theodore Roosevelt may have to wait until November to celebrate its official birthday, you and your bday kiddo can begin the teddy-themed celebration a little bit early thanks to National Teddy Bear Day (September 9). This beary cute cake is topped with a sweet layer of buttercream frosting and will leave them stuffed — just like their favorite stuffed teddy bear. 

LEGO Batman Surprise Cake

Nana nana nana nana BATMAN! The bat symbol alerted us that some Batman and DC Comics fans are celebrating Batman Day (September 18) and a September birthday, so we’ve come with cake! Now, I know what you're thinking — this is just a yellow cake shaped like a LEGO. But there's more than meets the eye: This cake has a hidden bat symbol on the inside waiting to be discovered. Don't worry about using the fancy gadgets from the Batcave to get this cake just right — basic baking tools will do just fine.

Treasure Map Cake

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Hostess With the Mostess

Ahoy mateys! Talk Like A Pirate Day falls in the middle of the month on September 19, so it's time for the kids to start brushing up on their pirate natter —that's pirate talk for all of you beginners — and celebrate their birthday with a slice of cake out on the open seas. Unlike traditional treasure maps, this X on the spot will lead them to sweet waves of frosting and tides of fluffy cake instead of jewels and gems. They'll have no problem finishing all of the loot.

Hippo Cake

The odds of getting a real-life hippo as a gift for kid's birthday seem pretty slim, so the next best thing may be to celebrate with a hippo cake in honor of National Wildlife Day (September 4). This homemade cake from Chelsweets takes different shaped round cake layers and transforms them into an adorable hippo. The cake sticks with vanilla on vanilla flavoring for the cake and frosting, but feel free to switch it up and add in the bday kid's own favorite flavors. It's their birthday, after all! 

Shag Cake

KellyClare-photography 0060-2

Kelly Clare Photography | Jenny Cookies

Sometimes cakes can be a true work of art. Case in point: this shag cake from Jenny Cookies. This beautiful cake uses a grass tip to create a stylized pattern that looks almost too good to eat. This cake is perfect for those birthday folks who don't have a theme for their party but still want an elaborate and beautiful cake.

Pizza Cookie Cake


Hungry Happenings

A pizza party is always a good idea — especially if that pizza is for dessert. Say what now? You heard me right, dessert pizza! Play a trick on your senses and mark National Cheese Pizza Day (September 5) with a quick swap of cheese for white chocolate ganache in this savory-turned-sweet treat. Unlike a traditional pie, this pizza is made with a cookie base and is piled high with strawberry fruit leather pepperonis and green gumdrop peppers. Want more toppings? Try out some rice Krispie meatballs, or go with gummy worm onions.

Pancake Cake


Sugar Geek Show

We celebrate September babies this month, and we celebrate National Pancake Day on September 26, so what's that saying about two great tastes that taste great together? This pancake cake may look like a typical stack of silver dollars, but it is really a pancake-flavored cake dripping with maple frosting. Since the cake taste just like pancakes, you might as well serve this in the morning and get their birthday off to a sweet start.

Pumpkin Cake


Sugar and Sparrow

The big downside of summer coming to an end? S'mores and popsicles are packing up for the winter. The big upside of summer coming to an end? Pumpkin everything is about to take over. Jump in on the bandwagon and celebrate your special day with a cake that is full of fall flavors. Sugar and Sparrow make their cake extra seasonal by adding in flavors like cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and ginger to the pumpkin layers. Those cake layers are then topped with a luscious cream cheese frosting (drooling yet?). The cake is basically everything you love about fall wrapped up in one pretty package.

Vertical Cake


Sally's Baking Addiction

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Those cake layers are really stacked vertically. Want to know the secret to getting those layers to stay upright? It's all in the rolling. The cake uses a similar method to making a Swiss roll to get those layers to stack up nice and tall. From the outside, the cake will seem pretty typical, so keep the inside a secret until that first slice. Your guests will be amazed when they watch the reveal!

Crayon Box Cake

Going back to school doesn't have to be all bad, especially when there's cake involved. Say goodbye to summer and celebrate their birthday and a new school year all in one with a bright crayon box cake. To get that 10-pack of all of your favorite colors, The Icing Artist takes ice cream cones and covers them in fondant, giving school supplies an edible twist.

Updated June 2022