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10 Ways to Upgrade Your S'more at the Summer Campfire

Turn up the heat on the perfect summertime treat with these mouthwatering s'mores recipes that go way beyond the basics.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Smores Recipe Updates


With these s'mores hacks, you can say goodbye to graham crackers and chocolate and hello to cookies and peanut butter cups! These quick swaps and additions to your s'mores will turn the already perfect summertime dessert into an irresistible treat. You have all summer long to make your way through this list and give each one a try to see which one tastes best.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie S'mores


Modern Honey

Sorry, graham crackers — I hate to break it to you, but you've officially been replaced by chocolate chip cookies. This ingenious idea swaps out simple graham crackers with chocolate chip cookies as the holder of the marshmallowy goodness. Modern Honey uses freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and toasts the s'mores in the broiler, but this method can easily be transferred to the campfire.

2. Dark Chocolate Berry S'mores


Lively Table

If you're looking to surprise your taste buds, you might want to bring along some berries to your next campfire. The berries add an elevated flavor to the classic s'more, giving the messy treat an unexpected upgrade. Lively Table elevates her s'mores even more with dark chocolate, but you can use can stick to milk chocolate if that's more to your liking.

3. Peanut Butter Cookie S'mores


Live for Cake

If you're going to rank the ingredients of a s'more, the graham crackers are normally the least important. I'd say it goes marshmallows, then chocolate, then graham crackers. Since they are the least loved (at least in my book!), swap them out with peanut butter cookies. The peanut butter cookies seamlessly replace the graham crackers and pair up perfectly with the chocolate for the ultimate campfire treat.

4. Salted Caramel S'mores


Making Lemonade

S'mores are in first place when it comes to messy desserts. Between the gooeyness of the marshmallow and the melted chocolate, you're bound to need some extra napkins. Add to the mess — and the flavors — by adding in some salted caramels. Pro tip: have all of your ingredients ready to go, that way when the marshmallow is all set, you can act quickly and let everything melt together. Also, bring those extra napkins — you'll need them!

5. Peanut Butter Oreo S'mores


Minimalist Baker

Your sweet tooth may have met its match when it comes to these peanut butter Oreo s'mores. In this version of s'mores, the Oreos replace the graham crackers, and the peanut butter swaps out with the chocolate. They are as much a mouthful to say as they are to eat. These s'mores can be made outside over a traditional fire pit or indoors under the broiler — so don't worry about the rain ruining "s'moreo" night!

6. Blackberry White Chocolate S’mores


40 Aprons

Now I know what you're thinking, white chocolate on a s'more? Trust us on this one. The sweetness of the chocolate pairs perfectly with the blackberries and doesn't overpower the marshmallows as you would think. Don't love blackberries? Swap them out with strawberries or raspberries for a similar treat.

7. Grilled Peach-Topped S'mores Recipe


Everyday Dishes

If you haven't tried grilled fruit, you are truly missing out. Hop on the bandwagon and add a few grilled peaches to your summertime s'more. The natural sweetness will enhance everything you love about the campfire dessert. Love the peaches and want to try this method out with more fruit? See if it tastes just as good with grilled pineapple or strawberries.

8. Cookie Dough S'mores


We Are Not Martha

If you love eating all of the cookie dough before it hits the oven, you're going to be all over these s'mores. These s'mores are assembled just like a traditional s'more but add in a thick layer of cookie dough on top of the graham cracker. The cookie dough is made without eggs so you can eat it all raw. Although, a s'mores cookie does sound pretty tasty! 

9. S'mores Biscuits


The Candid Appetite

S'mores are typically a finger food, but this s'mores biscuit is definitely a knife and fork dessert. With these biscuits, you won't have to worry about missing the classic graham cracker flavor, as graham cracker crumbs are crushed up and put directly into the batter. Since the biscuits take a little time to prep, double the batch and throw the extras in the freezer. That way, you'll be able to use them at your campfire all summer long.

10. Peanut Butter Cup S'mores


The Creative Bite

Move over s'mores, s'meeses are here to take the throne as the king of summer desserts. So, what exactly is a s'meese? It's a s’more, with a Reese's peanut butter cup instead of a piece of milk chocolate. You're going to want to make your marshmallow extra toasty for this one in order to get the Reese's to melt just right. The Creative Bite makes hers in the oven, but you can take the same technique straight to the campfire. Heads up: this one will get a little messy, but it will be so worth it.