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Your Next Snack Is (Literally) on the Table With These Mouthwatering Snack Board Ideas

These tasty, kid-friendly spreads are lookin' like a whole snack.

Erica Silverstein

Snack boards — that food-art social media craze — are essentially the grownup version of a Lunchable. Arrange a bunch of snacks in a pretty pattern on a tray and graze your way to a full tummy.

If your family doesn’t flip for prosciutto and brie lovingly nestled amid sprigs of rosemary, go back to the cheese-and-cracker roots of the snack board. Start with foods you all love, then call upon your inner Picasso for presentation inspiration. We scoured the Internet for family-friendly snack board ideas to nudge you in the direction of charcuterie boards your family will devour.

1. Fruit and Veggie Platter

snack board

I Heart Naptime

What’s at the heart of a fancy shmancy charcuterie board? Cheese, meat, fruit, veg, and crackers. In other words — toddler snacks! I Heart Naptime takes a variety of kid-friendly snacks, from string cheese to grapes and carrot sticks, and pairs them with a choice of dips to pass Snack Boards 101. The kids will love the artful munch fest, and grownups won’t have to wash the 17 bowls you’d ordinarily put all these foods in.

2. Chips and Dips Board


The Reluctant Entertainer

Dad wants tortilla chips and guac, but the kids want potato chips and ranch dressing. Give them all the options with this epic chips and dips board from the Reluctant Entertainer (the author of Big Boards for Families, a whole book-length collection of kid-friendly snack board inspo). Buy up every color of chip you can find — yes, they do come in purple! — and intersperse them with a rainbow of dips. The family will be thrilled regardless of whether your team wins or loses.

3. PB&J Snack Board

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The Baker Mama

Turn that ho-hum, phone-it-in PB&J lunch into a Pinterest-worthy masterpiece when you get out your lazy susan to create a PB&J snack board. The Baker Mama snuggles sandwich triangles with cut fruit, an array of crunchy munchies, bowls of honey and peanut butter for dipping, and trail mix for that sweet finish.

4. Cookie Board

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 4.04.43 PM

Saratoga Grazing Co. via Instagram

You could dump three kinds of cookies onto the floor, and most kids would be stuffing their faces in seconds. But sometimes you want to impress your adult guests, especially when you run out of time to bake from scratch. Elevate those store-bought cookies with a beautifully arranged cookie board a la this one by Saratoga Grazing Co.

5. Brunch Board

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 4.06.53 PM

AmorAzteca.Eats via Instagram

Brunch is just a bunch of tough-but-delicious choices served with a side of syrup: Do you go healthy with an omelet, or decadent with waffles? Pastry or pancakes? AmorAzteca.Eats says you should have it all — and make it gorgeous before you consume all the buttermilk pancakes, Belgian waffles, fruit Danish, and berries. Bacon lovers, don’t worry. We’ve also seen brunch boards that gather breakfast meats and egg dishes into the edible portrait. 

6. French Fry Board

fryboard fries white-819x1024

The Delicious Life

Some days you want to skip the burger and go straight to the fries. Get salty in style with a French fry board. The Delicious Life digs up all the tater types — steak, sweet potato, crinkle, and waffle — and plates them amid a rainbow of dipping sauce. Is it too pretty to eat? Nah!

7. Mac & Cheese Board

IMG 4664-scaled

The Baker Mama

Mac & cheese might be the great unifier in your family — the one dish everyone loves. Yet discord remains. One faction might lobby for the pure, unadulterated version, while another votes for vegetable or bacon mix-ins, or a topping of a stinkier variety of cheese. Satisfy all your constituents with The Baker Mama’s mac & cheese board. Surround the bowl of pasta with all the possible mix-ins (do we spy chicken nuggets?!), so everyone can create her own dinner mac-sterpiece.

8. Holiday Treat Board


Urban Bliss Life

Snack boards will come to your rescue on holidays when you want to make a splash, but aren’t much of a chef. Gather up your favorite themed snacks — candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, blueberries and strawberries for Fourth of July, Peeps on Easter — and mix and match the colors and textures for a tempting way to serve up familiar treats.

9. Bagel Board


The Two Bite Club

Bagels are a breakfast that can be dressed up or down to please the whole family. Grandpa piles his high with lox and capers, Mom takes hers with avocado and tomato, and the kids pile theirs with peanut butter and banana — perhaps some chocolate chips when no one is looking. Give everyone the breakfast of their dreams with an epic bagel board, loaded with every topping imaginable.

10. S’mores Grazing Board


Aubrey Swan Blog via Instagram

Who says s’mores can’t be an elegant dessert? Step aside, campers, Aubrey Swan Blog shows you how to present a s’moregasbord of marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, and berries that looks fantastic and tastes even better. Whether your backpacking trip gets rained out, or you’re just looking to jazz up weekend dinner, this board will have the whole family coming back for, well, s’more!