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The Ultimate Guide To Magical Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Three words: Macaroni. And. Cheese!

Matt Harvey · about 2 months ago

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Did you know that the English language holds a magical spell, a sequence of three words that are guaranteed to turn strangers into friends, help people fall in love, and make the problems of the world disappear for a moment? Those three words are ... Macaroni And Cheese!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been in love with this dish, and I’ve literally been brought to tears by its deliciousness (Thanks, Beecher’s). There are five basic types of mac 'n' cheese, and every single one of them is my favorite food. Any time I go to a new restaurant, the first thing I look for is mac 'n' cheese, and if it’s on the menu, it’s going in my belly!

Here are a few recipes for each style to hit you straight in the yum spot!

Baked Mac ‘N’ Cheese

TheCrimsonMonkey / GettyImages

Baked mac 'n' cheese is my favorite kind of mac 'n' cheese! It’s the heavenly stuff that you get at Grandma’s house, with its crispy edges and crunchy bread crumbs on top. These recipes will get you started on your journey to mac 'n' cheese Nirvana!

Slow Cooker Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Arielle Lilley / FOAP / GettyImages

Slow cooker mac 'n' cheese is my favorite kind of mac 'n' cheese! It’s the one that’s meant to be a side dish but has all the qualities of a main attraction. The thing to look out for here is soggy noodles since it’s easy to let it simmer too long. Make sure you watch your elbows!

Stove Top Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Rubberball/Nicole Hill / GettyImages

Stove top mac ‘n’ cheese is my favorite kind of mac ‘n’ cheese! It’s the one that’s ooey and gooey, warm and comforting. It’s the stuff that rainy days were made for! This is a kind of mac ‘n’ cheese that you might want to experiment with: Try mix-ins like ground beef or broccoli … you could even try a new pasta shape or a different combination of cheeses! Stove top mac ‘n’ cheese is definitely the most chews your own adventure of the bunch.

The Best Stove Top Mac ‘N’ Cheese Recipes

Boxed (Powder) Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Heather Winters / GettyImages

Kraft dinner is my favorite kind of mac ‘n’ cheese! The blue box, the orange powder… this is the stuff that sense memories are made of! Kraft dinner is what I always wanted as a kid. My first favorite was spirals, then I grew into my love of the creamy three cheese shells. No matter the shape, Kraft dinner always delivers.

Boxed (Sauce Pouch) Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Lauri Patterson / GettyImages

Velveeta Shells And Cheese is my favorite kind of mac ‘n’ cheese! This is the quintessential “sauce pouch” style of mac, and while there are other brands out there, when I think about a creamy, straight from the box mac ‘n’ cheese, I think of the yellow box with the silver sauce pouch.

Do you have a favorite style of mac ‘n’ cheese? Is there a secret family recipe that you want to share with us? Share your mac ‘n” cheese story with us @CAMPSTORES on Instagram!

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