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This Tasty Truffle-Making How-To is the Way to Everyone’s Sweetheart

Melt someone’s heart with this decadent truffle tutorial.

Megan Baldwin · 11 months ago


Arx0nt / Getty Images

It’s hard — um, impossible — not to love chocolate truffles. They’re decadent, delicious, and always properly dressed-up. Ready to make some melt-in-your-mouth treats? Make a DIY date with this super-simple truffle-making recipe; no heat required — just a little cream, some quality chocolate, and a whole lot of love. Here’s how to do it.

Wait, What Are Chocolate Truffles?


Pastry and Food Photography / Getty Images

Good question! Chocolate truffles are a deeply decadent treat made from chocolate and cream and hand-rolled in cocoa powder to mimic the truffle mushroom’s look. Fancy French people often offer their guests these chocolate truffles as a treat at the end of a special meal.

Where Does Our Love Affair With Truffles Come From?


ArtBalitskiy / Getty Images

According to the legend, French pâtissier Louis Dufour came up with chocolate truffles on Christmas Day, 1895 in Chambéry, France. Zapped of creative energy and running low on gift ideas, he decided to try something new. He made up a batch of ganache (a glaze, icing, sauce, or filling for pastries, made from chocolate and cream), shaped it into a round ball, and then dipped it into melted chocolate. Then, he rolled the chocolate-covered ganache balls in cocoa powder. He finally named them “truffles” after the mushroom.

Before You Start, Here Are Some Tips to Master These Truffles:


Natalia Smirnova / Getty Images

Know the ratios: This recipe makes a ganache using a 2:1 ratio of chocolate to cream. Baking is an exact science, so weigh the ingredients for the best results.

Go for the good stuff: High-quality chocolate in the 60 to 70% range produces the best truffles. Steer clear of bars or chips.

Whip it Good: Use whipping cream with 30 to 35% milkfat.

How to Truffle it Up:

  1. 1.

    Grown-ups, chop your chocolate. A serrated knife will make this easy, and finely chopping the chocolate will help it melt more quickly and evenly.

  2. 2.

    Heat the cream in the microwave. You can always heat the cream on the stovetop, but a few minutes in the microwave will get the cream hot enough to melt the chocolate.

  3. 3.

    Cover the chocolate with cream. Pour the hot cream over the chopped chocolate and stir to combine, then let the cream work its melting magic on the chocolate while you get a pan to cool the ganache in.

  4. 4.

    Cool the chocolate ganache before scooping and rolling. Once the chocolate is melted, whisk the ganache mixture until smooth and shiny. Then pour the ganache into a shallow pan to cool in the fridge.

  5. 5.

    You can scoop the ganache into tablespoon-sized rounds after about 30 minutes. Work with gloves on to make cleanup easy.

  6. 6.

    Coat the ganache balls in cocoa powder. Pour about a cup of powdered cocoa into a small mixing bowl, and plop your ganache balls into the powder, tossing them gently to coat.

  7. 7.


Left alone, chocolate truffles are tasty, but for extra Valentine’s Day points, roll the finished truffles in nuts, sprinkles, or small candies. Et voila!