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Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset

Flow Kinetic Sand in a whole new way with the Sandwhirlz Playset! This set has everything you need for amazing sand transformations: 2lbs of Kinetic Sand (red, yellow and blue), six shape shifters, two extruder tubes, a scoop and more! Kinetic Sand is the original mesmerizing magic sand that flows through your hands and never dries out, so you can play again and again. Inspired by the drop and squish play pattern on social media, this fun kids toy makes it easy to customize your sand effects with the shape shifters and tools! Open up the Sandwhirlz case to discover your Kinetic Sand inside and a play area on the lid. Play with your Kinetic Sand to get it flowy, soft and ready for play! Mix and match shape shifters, extruder tubes and colors of sand for even more incredible sand effects and sand art! Plus, you can use the extruder tubes as Kinetic Sand molds, squish the shapes with the plunger and even use the plunger as a roller for more fun ways to play with this awesome sensory sand! When you’re finished playing, fill the case’s compartments with Kinetic Sand and store everything inside. Create and reveal endless surprising sand explosions with the Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset!

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Ages 3-5
Includes 2lbs Kinetic Sand, 6 Shape Shifters, 1 Cloud Extruder + 1 Burst Extruder, 2 Pucks/Stampers, 1 Plunger/Roller, 1 Base, 1 Scoop, 1 Portable Case, and 1 Instruction Sheet