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Kinetic Sand Rainbow Mix Set

Create surprise rainbow creations with the Kinetic Sand Rainbow Mix Set! With 6 tools and 3 primary colors of Kinetic Sand (in 4.5oz Castle Containers), this set includes everything you need to mix and create. Mix perfect portions of sand into the colors of the rainbow, layer them into the stacker mold, attach a stamp onto the squisher and press down. Remove the mold to reveal your rainbow creation! Slice and dice with the slicer, then mix it all together and let the Kinetic Sand flow through your hands. Create mesmerizing sand effects again and again with the Kinetic Sand Rainbow Mix Set!

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Ages 3-5
Includes 13.5oz Kinetic Sand (4.5oz each of Red, Yellow and Blue in Castle Containers), 1 Squisher and Sand Portioner, 3 Squisher Stamps, 1 Slicer, 1 Stacker Mold, and 1 Instruction Sheet