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Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls (Rainbow Dream or Pixie Rose)

Fashion is passion. Slime is sublime. And we’re so grateful that Lady Gaga lent us her next Grammy outfit to get these Rainbow Surprise dolls ready for the runway. Unroll the special surprise box to find out who your style muse will be: Rainbow Dream or Pixie Rose. Then mix up the D.I.Y. slime and add it to your doll’s transparent fashions for a look that combines the gooey and the gorgeous. Is glittery goo the medium of choice for the next big fashion designer? We sense a trend in the making!

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14” tall
5 to 10 years
Includes: doll, outfit, accessories, 4 D.I.Y slime powders, 2 rainbow magic, 3 shimmer powders, glitter, highlighter.