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Klutz Punch Yarn Pillow

Here at CAMP, we take crafting seriously – and we’ll punch yarn anybody who has anything to say about it! So watch out, because we’ll get in your face with five colors of soft, fluffy yarn and eight fun designs that range from cupcakes to kitty cats. Scared yet? We’re also coming at you with a custom punch needle tool, which sounds dangerous, but it’s actually really safe for kids to use. We imagined this description would give us some street cred, but it came off as more of a pillow fight. Oh well, enjoy your cozy new embroidered pillow, punk. You did a great job making it!

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10.2”L x 9”W x 2”D
8 and up
Includes: 32-page book, custom punch-needle tool, 4-piece frame with 8 clips, 50 yards of yarn in 5 colors, burlap sheet, felt sheet, polyfill stuffing, embroidery floss, needle and 4 paper template sheets with 8 designs.