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DoodleMatic Interactive Mobile Game Creating Starter Kit

Hi, CAMP here, writing to you from the future. The flying cars and Starbucks bionic lattes are cool and all, but nothing to write a message through the very fabric of space and time about. This DoodleMatic, though, is one of the wildest things we’ve ever seen. It lets you create your own mobile game by just drawing a level and snapping a photo of it. The award-winning DoodleMatic app does the rest, turning the hand-drawn creation into a real playable game. It’s the perfect intro to the concepts of game design, and includes easy-to-follow guides to help you build and improve your games. The future looks bright, my friends. But it could be because we jumped forward too many years and the sun is about to go supernova.

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8.8”L x 12.8”W x 2”D
5 to 12 years
Includes: game creation guides, instructions, sketch pad, washable colored markers and unique app upgrade code that removes ads and unlocks premium features. Requires either iOS or Android device. For iOS devices, iPhone 5+ or iPad 3+ is recommended.