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Gag Gifts for Giving Grins and Guffaws at Any Age

For April Fool's Day — or any day you want to make a little more weird — give them the silly, sarcastic, and sometimes surprisingly useful stuff they didn’t even know they wanted.

Sarah Burns



Some kids are the class clown even before they ever step foot inside a classroom. You know the ones: they love a good (and bad) joke, have a natural sense of comedic timing, and they develop a healthy sense of sarcasm well beyond their years. If they’re lucky, they grow up to write sardonic gift guides to help others find the perfect present for anyone of any age who appreciates the wacky, silly, and downright absurd

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Oli & Carol Teethers

We’re not saying you should prank babies (please, do NOT prank babies), but they’re never too young to be a part of a prank! These realistic, easy-to-clean and -care-for rubber teethers will absolutely have people looking at your baby, saying, “What on earth does that baby have in its mouth?!” 

The Toy Network Foam Clown Nose

Encourage their silly antics with a nose that’s just like the pros'! Add this clown nose to your kiddos' dress-up costume collection and you’ll have the best seats under the whole Big Top, right in your living room.

Minions Fart N’ Fire

Rootin’, tootin, fart blastin’ fun! Prankers and Minions of all ages will have a gas with the Fart N’ Fire from the movie Minions: The Rise of Gru. They can recreate scenes from the film, or fire off those farts freestyle. This blaster also comes equipped with a water tank, so they can spray while having a blast! Gross? Yup. Hilarious, and weirdly refreshing on a hot day? Absolutely.

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The Toy Network 12 Black Mustaches

Excuse me, but I mustache you a question: Is there any place where this immaculate set of lip warmers isn’t appropriate? Perfect as an instant disguise, or for adding a touch of refinement to any look – plus it’s more fun to say things when wearing a mustache! Here’s a short list of fun mustachey things to say in a terrible British accent:

“Ah, yes, good day to you, fine sir!”

“Bob’s yer uncle, a fine day indeed!”

“Pip-pip, and cheerio!”

POOP The Game

POOP is a fast-paced card game where players take turns pooping, and try not to clog the toilet (in the game...not in an actual bathroom). Kids love it because of the silly gross-out humor, and parents love it because it’s a creative thinking game the whole family can play.

Fartastic Facts and Jokes

We all do it, so we might as well laugh about it, and maybe learn something too! Flashcard fiends and flatulence comedy enthusiasts are going to love this set of 100 fun facts, and some of the silliest jokes for kids (and adults) who get the giggles about having gas.

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Burrito Blanket

Burrito-ing into a blanket takes its most literal meaning in this super-sized, super realistic version of the tortillas we normally fill with meat and cheese. Don’t worry, it’s machine washable!

What’s Your Poo Telling You?

This book has all the poop you’ve been too afraid to search for, because nobody wants that in their search history. Filled to the brim with factual fecal information, and a steady stream of manure humor, this might not be the first book they reach for when they want a quick read, but it’ll be their number two.

Gentlemen’s Hardware Soap on a Rope

If you’ve got a shower singer in the family who's destined for stardom, it’s time to set the stage. Carpool karaoke fans will take the mic into their own hands, but crooners will love the retro mic, ready to be slung over a shower head and sung into. They can choose the acoustic augmentation that suits their singing style, because there’s no wrong way to serenade through shower time.

Soup Socks

Look; people like soup, people like socks. This is just science. If you don’t understand the science behind it, don’t worry. Here, check out this graph:


If ever the perfect product exists, it exists right there, at the intersection of soup and socks! Serve up a big bowl, and sock it to ’em.

Okurrr Sound Button

When the situation calls for serving up sass, now your kids can say it loud and clear without even moving their lips. When they give this bubblegum-bright button a bop, people will have no doubt what they're trying to say, okurrr?

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Gift Republic Llama Cleaning Slippers

Adorably wonky, bright pink llama feet are 100% going to be the hottest spring cleaning trend this season. Soft, nubby chenille catches dust bunnies with ease, and the stretchy elastic ensures one size fits most — they’re about  11 inches long x 7.8 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep (about a women’s size 10) at their max. Watch these llamas clean up with no drama.

Giant Stress Ball

Know someone who sometimes gets bogged down by minor annoyances, inconveniences, and general drudgery? Of course you do. That's everyone! Help someone get a grip, or get one yourself with a giant-sized stress ball for all of life’s giant-sized stresses.

Funwares Cuppa Joe

Whoa! Look out! Big cuppa coffee, comin’ through! It’s a smaller version of the real thing, but with a 20-ounce capacity, it’s best for those who like their coffeepots practically bottomless.

Dad Dancing

Some people are born with smooth moves. This book is not about them. It is about people who do their best with the moves they’ve got – and hey, may we all find such confidence in this life when we really need it, amiright?

Maybe This Will Help

Know someone who worries about everything they've done since they can even remember doing things? Are they literally the confused math lady meme? Help them indulge in some low-key self-care with a handy little book that might provide a little relief. 

The Best Things to Scream Into

You just can’t unleash a primal, gut-wrenching scream just anywhere. It's unfair, but it's true. Fortunately, author Orson Spooring has us covered with this unique offering guaranteed to level up that primal-screaming game. 

Craft Beer Socks

At the end of a long day, there are few things better than sitting back, relaxing, and cracking open a can of socks. Get a pair for yourself to wear through spring break and summer BBQS, and put a smile on someone’s face when you offer them a cool one.

How to Appear Smart at Work

Fighting your way up the corporate ladder seems so aggressive, and takes so much energy. Here's a set of flashcards filled with helpful, practical advice, perfect for those who are ambitious enough to buy a set of flashcards, but also just kinda tired today, ya know? 

He Said She Said Chit Chat Nameplates

Time is money, and money isn’t everything, and everything is possible with enough time and money. Or something like that. Bottom line is, if you know a busy person with lots to say, why not give them these sarcastic, witty, and straight-to-the-point nameplates to do some of the heavy lifting for them? 

Whiskey Bath Bombs

Whisky and baths may not seem to have much in common at first, but think about it: both are typically enjoyed at the end of the day to relax, both are liquids, and you shouldn’t drink too much of either of them. Well there’s no need to struggle balancing that slippery Old Fashioned glass in the tub anymore. With Whiskey Bath Bombs, a special someone in your life can enjoy all the aromatic sensations of their favorite adult beverage in a relaxing, fizzing bath — hold the rocks.

Updated March 2022