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10 Gag Gifts for Giving Grins and Guffaws

For April Fool's Day — or any day you want to make a little more weird — give them the silly, sarcastic, and sometimes surprisingly useful stuff they didn’t even know they wanted.

Sarah Burns · 7 months ago

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1. Burrito Blanket

Burrito-ing into a blanket takes its most literal meaning in this super-sized, super realistic version of the tortillas we normally fill with meat and cheese. Heck, why not eat a burrito while burritoing in your burrito? Spill burrito in your burrito?  Don’t worry, it’s machine washable!

2. Slang Flashcards

Kids today and their slang — who can keep up? Even the stodgiest of codgers can handle these easy to use flashcards, letting them jump into conversations with young people with confidence and ease. These cards are *checks notes* super dope.

3. Fart Sound Box

There is literally no reason you don’t need one of these. It’s appropriate for every situation: waiting in line? Perfect. Quiet movie theater? You know it! Job interviews? Funerals? Use at your own risk.

4. Okurrr Sound Button

When the situation calls for serving up sass, say it loud and clear without even moving your lips. Give this bubblegum-bright button a bop, and people will have no doubt what you’re trying to say, okurrr?

5. Soup Socks

Look; people like soup, people like socks. This is just science. If you don’t understand the science behind it, don’t worry. Here, check out this graph:


If ever the perfect product exists, it exists right there, at the intersection of soup and socks! Serve up a big bowl, and sock it to ’em.

6. Am I Overthinking This?

Do you worry about everything you’ve done since you can even remember doing things? Are you literally the confused math lady meme? Did you appreciate that nifty soup/socks venn diagram above, and wish more things in life were broken down just as easily? Then this handy “life’s questions” book is the only thing that won't have you thinking twice.

7. Emergency Beard

There are all kinds of emergencies; famine, disease, losing an earbud right before taking mass transit. With Emergency Beards, your nekkid chin will never be caught off guard again. Stride into bougie coffee shops with all the misplaced confidence of a mid-forties hipster wearing their favorite ironic tee shirt/blazer/trucker hat combo — or join in on ZZ Top Flash mobs in a jiffy. Whatever you do, you’ll be doing it with a beard, that’s for sure. 

8. Hangover Helper

Chock full of tasty treats and tricks for the little-too-tipsy, this blue book full of delicious hangover recipes from all over the world could be the key to a much better morning after. It certainly beats chugging coffee and swearing to yourself, I will never do that again, ughhh.

9. Whiskey Bath Bombs

Whiskey and baths don’t seem to have much in common at first, but think about it: both are typically enjoyed at the end of the day to relax, both are liquids, and you shouldn’t drink too much of either of them. Well there’s no need to struggle balancing that slippery Old Fashioned glass while you’re in the tub anymore. With Whiskey Bath Bombs, you can enjoy all the aromatic sensations of your favorite adult beverage in a relaxing, fizzing bath — hold the rocks.

10. Stress Pickle

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the office, or are gerkin from home — stress will find you, and when it does it can make you feel like you’re losing your brine. Regular stress balls can be so cu-cumbersome, but never fear, the Stress Pickle is here! You’ll relish squishing your stress away with this handy pickle that’s ready to dill with it when you are.