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16 Genius Gifts For Kids That Make Every Parent's Life Easier

Entertain the kids and simplify your day with these fun and practical gifts.

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

Some would argue these toys and gifts are Christmas miracles. Others might say they’re the answers to parents' prayers. All we know is these gifts are guaranteed to keep the little ones entertained and make day-to-day life for mom and dad just that little bit easier. Treat the kids to these practical presents, and you'll wonder how you ever went a day without them.

1. Fred DJ Dinner Dining Set

Fred Dinner DJ Dining Set


Dinner’s ready, but you don’t need to tell them twice when throwing the Fred Dinner DJ Dining Set into the mix! This interactive dinner set will keep kids entertained and in their seat during mealtime, featuring a “tonearm” combo spoon-knife-fork, and moveable knobs and levers.

2. GooseEgged Hands Free Ice Packs for Kids

GooseEgged Ice Pack


They've bumped their noggin, and a bag of frozen peas to the face isn't exactly going over too well! The GooseEgged Hands Free Ice Pack saves the day, equipped with a hook-and-loop fastener so kids can keep their hands free and featuring a bright and cheery kid-friendly design to boost their mood. They won't need any convincing to ice those knocks and bumps.

3. Ollyball Ultimate Indoor Play Ball

Ollyball Ultimate Indoor Play Ball


When you see a ball flying directly for your window, you can breathe a heavy sigh of relief knowing they're playing with the Ollyball Ultimate Indoor Play Ball. Its impact-absorbing construction gives you the peace of mind that the fun won't end in broken glass or a bumped head.  

4. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chore Chart

Chore Chart

Melissa & Doug

Encourage your kids to be responsible and well-behaved little humans and see their good habits multiply with the Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart! When they’re on their best behavior, let them know how impressed you are by rewarding them with a magnet to place proudly on their tracking-and-reward chart. They’ll feel extra driven to reach all their goals on the chart and a sense of accomplishment when they do. 

5. The Brushies Chomps Brushie & Book

Brushies Toothbrush Puppet

The Brushies

Introducing the world’s first finger puppet toothbrush: Chomps the Dino is brought to life from the pages of a story book into a silicone food-safe toothbrush! The Brushies Chomps Brushie & Book will fast become a fixture in your daily routine morning and night. 

6. The Dreamimal Dream Pillow

DreamPillow Lamby Dreamimal


Sweet dreams just got even sweeter! The Dream Pillow Dreamimal will give little dreamers something to look forward to when it’s bedtime. Kids can write down sweet dreams, tuck them away inside their Dreamimal, and bring their dreams to life as they sleep. 

7. LouLou Lollipop Pink Unicorn Donut Teether

LouLou Lollipop Teether

LouLou Lollipop

You don’t know it yet, but a unicorn sprinkle donut teether is exactly what you need in your life! Made from food-safe silicone, the LouLou Lollipop Pink Unicorn Donut Teether has exciting textures to explore, a heart-shaped cut-out making it easier for tiny hands to hold, and colorful beads for even more fun. It also features a clip made from rust-resistant stainless steel because baby drool comes with the territory and corroding metals do not.

8. Suck UK Toothbrush Timer

Toothbrush Timer

Suck UK

There will be a show of pearly white smiles all around thanks to the Suck UK Toothbrush Timer! Instilling lifelong tooth brushing habits is made easy: Simply twist the bottom of the cup to activate a two-minute timer, and put those brushing skills to work. Only when the timer goes off will the tooth brushing end.

9. Fred Food Face Plate

Fred Food Face Plate


Meet Fred Food Face — the kid's newest eating companion and your new best friend. Fred adds an element of fun to mealtime, keeping creative little minds stimulated and focused on their food. But Fred doesn't work for free — he gets a makeover (think spaghetti hair), and they have fun while they eat.

10. Fred Dinner Winner Pirate Plate

Fred Dinner Winner Pirate Plate


Sometimes you need to call on the help of pirates to get fussy eaters excited about food! With the Fred Dinner Winner Pirate Plate, they’ll travel (eat) their way across the Seven Seas to reveal a hidden “surprise.” Only when they eat everything on their plate will they discover what’s waiting for them at the end of their voyage. 

11. Oli & Carol Kendall the Kale

Kendall the Kale

Oli & Carol

Made from 100% plant-based rubber, the Oli & Carol Kendall the Kale is a chewable sensory toy perfect for little gums when they're teething and a wonderful introduction to a healthy lifestyle.

12. Playful Chef Safety Knife Set

Playful Chef Safety Knife Set

Playful Chef

Kids and kitchen knives can send a shudder down any parents' spine, but the Playful Chef Safety Knife Set keeps little fingers safe! It’s designed with safety in mind, so you can have peace of mind knowing the kids can cut vegetables in the kitchen with zero risks.

13. Ooly Make No Mistake Eraseable Markers

Ooly Make No Mistake Erasable Markers


Mistakes happen, but now they don’t need to ruin drawings, thanks to the Ooly Make No Mistake Erasable Markers. Kids can erase any blunders in an instant and continue coloring in their masterpieces from a selection of 12 different-colored erasable markers.

14. Kid Made Modern On-the-Go Vacation Journal Kit

Kid Made Modern On-the-Go Vacation Journal Kit

Kid Made Modern

Encourage little travelers to make vacation memories and write them down on the go with the Kid Made Modern On-the-Go Vacation Journal Kit. Featuring countless hours of activities, guided pages for retelling travel experiences, and storage space for prized souvenirs, this is a perfect travel companion for those long car rides. 

15. Constructive Eating Construction Plate and Construction Utensils

Construction Plate

Constructive Eating

Shoveling food into your mouth has taken on a new literal meaning with the Constructive Eating Construction Plate and Utensils (sold separately)! Featuring a ramp leading up to the spoon's "loading dock," little diners can use the Bull Dozer Pusher to move tricky food like rice and peas up the ramp and onto their Front Loader Spoon. They'll develop fine motor skills and independence during mealtime, but they'll be too busy eating and having fun to notice.