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5 Reasons We Love Kinetic Sand — and Your Kiddo Will Too!

Regular sand is so yesterday’s news — get to know kinetic sand, your kiddo's new favorite slime-adjacent goop toy!

Matt Harvey

kinetic sand play


When your small friend loves slime as much as we do, they’ll go out of their way to find every gooey, goopy, gloppy, globbing, slime-adjacent toy they can get their hands on! CAMP may be famous for having “every kind of your favorite slime” — but we also love kinetic sand just as much! 

Kinetic sand is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic, modeling dough that comes in a variety of vibrant colors and never dries out! Here’s 5 reasons we love kinetic sand!

1. It gives us the feels

The texture of kinetic sand is a bit of a conundrum that edges around "cannot compute" — it’s simultaneously satiny-smooth and gritty as ... well, sand. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but once your small friend wraps their fingers around this stuff — they’ll want to hold it forever!

2. You can use it to build stuff!

Just like the sand at the beach, stuff can be built with it! Kinetic sand takes and holds its shape, so it can be molded, piled, shaped, and carved — it’s all the satisfaction of building a majestic sand Camelot and none of the sadness of seeing it get washed away!

3. It doesn’t dry out!

One of the coolest things about kinetic sand is that it doesn’t dry out — ever! Kiddos can leave their masterpiece standing without having to worry about it turning into a crusty pile of unusable crumbles (lookin' at you, play-dough)!

4. It isn’t sticky.

In addition to never getting thirsty, kinetic sand is more slick and less stick! Unlike traditional slime toys, you never have to worry about your kiddo accidentally smushing the stuff into the shag carpet or ruining your favorite fleece-lined blanket! You also won’t need to be concerned with the classic beach trip problem of sand in places you don’t want it — because kinetic sand only sticks to itself — clean up is a cinch! 

5. Kinetic sand is an awesome fidget toy

If you find your little one, endlessly fiddling their fidgets and pushing their pop ‘ems — meet their new favorite stress toy replacement! They can squish away any excess energy in gratifying new ways with kinetic sand! My favorite method is to roll it into a ball, smooth the edges until it’s perfect and then smush it — so I can start again!