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5 Reasons Toy Truck Lovers Love Bruder Toys

Bruder toys are made for some serious zooming and vrooming — here are 5 reasons your kiddo will love Bruder toys as much as we do!

Matt Harvey



Bruder toy trucks are made to be played with — hard! These toy trucks are known for their durable build and amazing, lifelike details. Inside, outside, under the couch or through the yard, your small friend will love to play with their Bruder vehicles.

The Bruder toy company was founded in 1926 and has held steady for decades as one of the world's largest family-owned and -operated toy companies. Based in the small southern German town of Burgfarnbach (Best. Word. Ever.), Bruder has a well-earned rep for quality and durability. Their huge assortment of toy vehicles ranges from garbage trucks, cement mixers, and tow trucks to tractors, fire engines — even snow plows!

Here are 5 reasons we're big fans of Bruder here at CAMP:

1. Kiddos love to use Bruder trucks to get their vroom on!


Playing cars and trucks is a classic play pattern. The satisfaction kids find in being able to control vehicles just like the ones they see and ride every day — from buses to cars to trains — helps build their sense of power and confidence! Bruder vehicles are especially fun to play with because they're so lifelike and realistic.

2. Smash ‘em and crash ‘em!



Bruder toys are rugged, made to be played with, and full of moxie — so you don’t have to worry about them breaking into pointy pieces of underfoot ouchiness. 

3. They look just like the vehicles that you point at from the backseat window!



The details are incredible and go a long way in promoting curiosity. Working ladders, cranks, buckets, shovels, and construction gizmos of all sorts are present and play-with-able!

4. Bruder toys work for a variety of age groups



From smaller to taller — Bruder keeps the growth and development chart in mind while designing their toys to maximize the enjoyment of playtime deployment!

5. They make great gifts!



Grandfolks take note: Because of their exceptional build quality and friendly price point, Bruder toys make for excellent gifts — often serving as heirloom toys that get handed down from older bro to younger sis and beyond.

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