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Work Up a Sweat With These Active Play Toys

Get in some active fun with these playful, energy-burning toys and games that motivate the entire family to get a move on!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

Jump Rope


It's hardly surprising that many of us are bouncing off the walls these days — and we're not just talking about the kids! Whether you're playing indoors or outdoors, these energy burning toys are what we didn't know we needed.

Ages 1-5

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe LED

Micro Kickboard — Mini Deluxe


Does your kid have a need for speed? Bombing around the neighborhood on a Micro Kickboard scooter will soon satisfy that itch. Utilizing a lean-to-steer design, they'll master balance and coordination like a pro in no time. They'll enjoy smooth turns and easy riding as they "surf" the sidewalk. 

Little Tikes Pelican Explore Fit Cycle

Little Tikes Pelican Explore Fit Cycle

Little Tikes

Remember that big chonky set of fake keys your kid loved playing with they were just a ‘’lil peanut? It kept them occupied, entertained, and most importantly away from your own keys. So if they’re itching to jump on your too-tall Big Person stationary bike, it’s definitely time to get them one of their own! Pre-built, so they can go for a ride right outta the the box, and access kid-friendly training videos via YouTube, or hook their music up to the built-in speaker so they can groove while getting a move on.

My First FlyBar



It’s a pogo-stick experience designed for first time bouncers. My First FlyBar features a durable bungee and foam construction that won't harm floors, and will stand up to the elements, so indoor or out, they can always keep the party jumpin’.  

Franklin Sport Runaway Bean Bag Toss

Franklin Sports Runaway Bean Bag Toss

Franklin Sports

Have the kids choose their bean bag color, and get ready to take aim! These motorized, moving goals glide side to side to help improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity and build confidence. Includes two sets of three lightweight bean bags in two different colors, so they can run some drills solo, or challenge a friend without mixing up the score. 

Ages 6-8

Gymnic Hop 55

Now they can stop bouncing off the walls and start bouncing on flat ground with the Gymnic Hop 55! They'll be looking for excuses to hop from A to B. It's a great way to get in some exercise inside the home and out while promoting balance, coordination, and endless fun.

Pony Cycle



Giddy up! The little ones are in for a real adventure (and some exercise) with the Pony Cycle. Designed to simulate riding a real pony, it works by gently bouncing up and down on the saddle to make the pony's legs move in a galloping motion. Rather than staying in one spot, the rider can trot around your home or even around the neighborhood.

Pogo Bal

This is one retro favorite that will have everyone jumping for joy! Easy to learn, but a challenge to master, Pogo Bal is a test of balance, dexterity and endurance disguised as a hoppin’ good time. 

For Ages 9-11

Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball

Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball


Kids can hit the pitch at night and illuminate their star-quality footwork with the Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball. Thanks to built-in LED technology, this ball glows as brightly as the sun with every kick, bounce, and roll. Made with high-quality, durable material, even Ronaldo can’t deflate this ball!

Westminster Kickshot Hovering Soccer Game

Kids don't have to be disappointed about a canceled a match on a rainy day – they can bring the action indoors. Setup is a snap, and the hovering soccer disk glides with ease across any flat surface. Have them grab a friend, and take their best shot with the Kickshot!

Throw Throw Burrito

Food fight! Throw Throw Burrito is a hilarious, fast paced card game by the funny-bone-ticklers at The Oatmeal. Kids take turns drawing cards, but have to be ready to chuck a burrito at their opponent, or duck out of the way of one, as it whizzes past them like a dodgeball pro. These squishy foam burritos are fun to throw, and don’t hurt when you’re hit with one, and unlike real burritos, they won’t stain your shirt. 

Franklin Sports Table Tennis To Go

Table tennis is super fun! But tennis tables? It's not always convenient to have one around. Fortunately with this set, virtually any table can be so your kid can practice their backhand. The retractable net expands to fit a variety of table sizes, and the included mesh bag makes it easy to transport the set to their next match, even if it's an away game!

For Ages 12-14

Franklin Pro Hoops Basketball

Is your kid trying to master slam dunks like Michael Jordan? Now they can without even leaving home thanks to the Franklin Pro Hoops Over-The-Door Basketball Set. Made with a shatter-resistant backboard, this basketball hoop is made to withstand 3-point shots and slam dunks, and is designed to fit any door. Now they can eat, dream, and sleep basketball while shooting hoops from their bed. 

Franklin Sports Whirl Ball

Are your kids looking for an action-packed arcade game? Then they need to give this a whirl! Its tool free, unfoldable construction makes set up a snap. They roll the arcade balls up the incline, and aim for for that 50 point zone! Built-in sounds and electronic scoreboard add to the authentic arcade feel, and the automatic ball return means they can just keep on rollin'.


Winning Moves, Twister

Winning Moves

A party classic that hasn’t changed a thing. Kids take turns and spin the spinner for their color, reach for them dots. The rules are simple, but staying on your feet – or hands – is the real challenge.

Rhyme Antics

IMG 5954 jpg 2000x

Rhyme Antics

How can a word game also be an active, group game favorite? When players are up on their feet, spittin’ flows like an OG. Kids have to rhyme to the rhythm, and dominate as a lyrical genius, or act as a hype man when it’s their teammate’s turn to tackle a verse. It's the perfect game to build vocabulary, confidence, and improvisation skills while racking up the points. Today, your living room; tomorrow, sold out shows in stadium venues all over the world!

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Updated June 2022