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Actual Holiday Gift Wishes from Actual Kids

Kids know what kids like. Kids know what kids want.

Josey Miller · 2 months ago

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We asked real kids what gifts top their holiday wish lists and had to do exactly zero arm-twisting. That didn’t surprise us, but what did? How very seriously they took the assignment! We thought at least one of them would give us a goofball answer, but they were all biz — and not about to leave anything to chance. 

A Dog, Because Dog


“The first thing I want to have for Christmas is a dog because I just want to have a dog. And the second thing I want for Christmas is a drone with remote controls because I can have fun with it!”

— Effie, age 9

“Tens and Twenties!”


“The thing I desire the most is to receive money at Christmas because it gives you the capability to spend it on whatever you want.”

Max, age 14

Pop-Its, Obvs


“I would like Pop-Its because they are entertaining and satisfying. I can also trade them with my friends. I also want an LOL dollhouse and all the accessories!”

— Layla, age 8

The Gift of Befuddlement


“I want a Rubik’s Cube. It’s a toy you can fidget around with and you can have fun solving it.”

— Ezekiel, age 10

The Real (Magic) Thing


“What I want most is a real Harry Potter uniform because I love Harry Potter maybe too much. Not the costume! I already have costumes, and that’s not the same. I want the real sweater and the real shirt and the real tie and skirt. Oh, and I also want a Slinky — the actual real rainbow kind that can go down the stairs.”

— Gia, age 8

Games and Gamers Only, Please


“What I want for the holidays is a Patrick Mahomes jersey because I like Patrick Mahomes. The other thing I want is a Nintendo because you can play lots of cool games.”

— Felix, age 7

Anything Cute and Smol


“I want a cute little red, cottagecore mushroom for Christmas. But I also like anything cute and small that grows.”

— Averil, age 11

Kitten Burritos...?


“I want Exploding Kittens and Throw Throw Burrito because they’re fun games.”

— Jesse, age 9

Some Slick Wheels


"If Santa isn't too busy, I would like Paw Patrol cars for my Paw Patrol transforming tower. And, don't forget about Skye! I would like a watch, too!"

— Stephen, age 5

Style AND Science


“I asked for clothes and some crystals because at my school, having good style is important — and crystals are really cool to learn about.”

— Lila, age 12

Just a Little Retro Timelessness


“I want a really nice digital watch so I can always know the time and set timers.”

Mason, age 10

Real Estate


“I want a Barbie Dream House because it has a pretty elevator and Barbie can be relaxed.”

Carson, age 4



“I want money because then I can buy my own presents and, if I have money left over, I can put it in the bank and it will make even more money because of interest.”

— Ryan, age 8



“I wish for a Nintendo Switch Lite so it can be my home and travel companion. I’d also like a pop-up, portable soccer goal so I could become a better soccer player.

— Avin, age 8



“One thing I really want for the holidays is a history or sports book because I really like reading.”

— Milo, age 10

Finally, Some Peace and Quiet


“I would like wireless headphones because they are portable and you can tune out your parents.

Ben, age 8

Kids Know What Kids Want — So Let Them Do the Shopping at the CAMP KidShop!