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Have a Ball After School With These Sports Toys

Burn off that after-school energy with our favorite sporty play picks!

Margo Gothelf · 4 months ago



After you finish all of your homework, after-school time is all about burning off that pent-up energy from a long school day. And what better way to do that than with some sporty, active, get-you-moving toys? Stay outside and hit home runs, or scooter around all over the block. When the weather gets a little cooler, bring the action inside for a whole new world of indoor sports. No matter which action-packed after school option you choose, I think it's safe to say you'll have worked up an appetite for dinner time. 

Jump Rope

A jump rope is one of those classic, time-tested toys that's good for literal hours of entertainment. Plus, it's great for letting out all that pent-up energy from sitting at a desk all day long! Hop, skip, and jump around your yard or switch it up and try out a few jump rope games. When the weather starts to get cooler, take the jump rope inside and bounce around in the basement.

Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter Deluxe

Why sit around after school when you can zoom around on a Micro Kickboard scooter? This lightweight scooter is the perfect vehicle for elementary school-aged children who have a need for speed. The portable scooter features an easy-to-handle, lean-to-steer design and an adjustable T-bar grip, so you can modify the height of the handlebars when that growth spurt hits. When you've fully outgrown the Micro Kickboard, move on to the Micro Kickboard Sprite Deluxe for a similar but more age-appropriate ride. 

Victury Sports Ollyball

After-school time in the winter can get a little complicated. Sure, there are plenty of activity kits and indoor toys to play with, but sometimes you just want to throw a ball around. The lightweight, practically-magical Ollyball is specifically designed for indoor play, so you won't have to worry about the window-breaking game of catch. Although you still might want to play with this one in the basement, just to stay on the safer side. 

Franklin Pro Hoops Basketball

I bet if you asked all of the basketball greats if they grew up with a mini basketball hoop hanging off the back of their door, the majority of them would say yes. Be just like the basketball MVPs and hang up a Franklin Pro Hoops Basketball on the back of your door. Practice your shot in between math problems or go for a quick game of knock-out with your siblings before bed. The practice shots will pay off when the real season rolls around. 

Franklin Sports 5-In-1 Sports Center

What happens when you combine classic arcade games with sports? You get the Franklin Sports 5-In-1 Sports Center set. If you think this has nothing to do with sports, get ready to be proved wrong (and watch your competitiveness soar!). Start off with a game of pool, then move on to a round of slide hockey or soccer, and finish off with a game of bowling or basketball. With five different games to choose from, you'll be busy all night long — or until bedtime comes around.

Franklin Sports Foldaway Batting Tee

While fall is normally the season for football and soccer, that doesn't mean you can't sneak in some home runs, especially with the Fold Away Batting Tee in the mix. Use the off-season to practice that swing and get your batting stance down pat! The oversized ball makes connecting the bat with the ball super easy, even for the littlest ones who are just getting their first introduction to the sport. By the time spring rolls around, they'll be hitting home runs left and right. 

Tangle NightBall Basketball

With fall comes shorter days and daylight savings time, and while the cool weather makes after-school play a lot less sweaty, the sun going down at 4:30 isn't exactly ideal. Luckily, the Tangle NightBall Basketball will help you extend your time outside long after the sun has disappeared. The ball is full of LED lights, making it glow on the court so you can see it easily in the dark. The lights don't impact the performance of the ball either, so you'll have no problem sinking those three-pointers. 

Franklin Sports I-Color Basketball

Can't decide between doing a crafts project or shooting hoops after school? With the Franklin Sports I-Color Basketball, you can do both. The basketball has ready-to-color panels so you can personalize the ball with your own designs. Fill it in with your favorite team's colors, or go with an ombre look to make your ball stand out on the court. When it's all colored in, test it out and see how many baskets you can score in a row. 

Franklin Sports Table Tennis To Go

Let's be real, setting up a full table tennis table is no easy task. You have to carefully unfold it, untangle the net, and figure out where you last put the balls and the paddles. Next time around, ditch the table and opt for the Franklin Sports Table Tennis To Go set. The portable set lets you play table tennis wherever you want! Seriously, all you need is a table to attach the net. Plus, it includes a mesh bag to neatly keep everything together, so you won’t have to go searching all over for those missing balls. Once your homework is all done, swap out the notebooks for the net and get the rally going. You can even start a family league — the winner gets to pick the Friday night movie

Franklin Sports 3-In-1 Indoor Sports Set

During the cold winter months, you'll be very happy that you have a Franklin Sports 3-In-1 Indoor Sports Set to play with after school. The indoor sports set takes hockey, knee hockey, and soccer and adapts them for indoor play without a hitch. Simply set up the nets, blow up the balls, and get scoring. You'll probably want to remove all the breakables around the goals while you are at it. 

Franklin Sports 6-in-1 Knee Sport Game

Is there a professional league for knee sports? Because by the end of the winter, you just might be the top recruit thanks to the 6-in-1 Knee Sport Game set. Spend the winter after school practicing sports from a whole different perspective. Practice your slapshot in knee hockey or perfect your aim in knee badminton. By the end of the winter, your skills will be at an entirely new height. 

Franklin Sports Football Target Toss

Score a touchdown in the after-school entertainment department with the Football Target Toss. Put your quarterback skills to the test and see if you can hit all of the different targets. Once you've mastered the accuracy, move the target even further away and see if your throwing arm is up for the challenge. With all of the practice you're getting, Tom Brady better watch his back!