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10 Age Appropriate Gifts For Too-Cool-For-Toys Tweens

Gift ideas to impress the hardest-to-shop-for tween who has outgrown all their kid stuff.

Megan Baldwin · about 2 months ago

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Picking out the right gift for a kid who tells you that they've outgrown kid stuff feels like an impossible task. Add to that the constantly shifting trends, hormones, and the influence of social media stars, and you’ve got a real conundrum on your hands. Before you give up and go with a gift card, we’ve rounded up a few age approps gifts for tweens that are fun, but like, in a cool way.

1. Kano Coding Headphones


For the tween who’s super plugged in, this cooler-than-your-average coding kit teaches you how to build your own wireless headphones. Once your tween has point and clicked the headphones together, they can unlock new projects and learn more about audio.

2. Studio Creator Video Maker Kit

Studio Creator

For the tween who's got TikTok fame in his eyes, this kit helps him realize his small screen dreams. With a green screen, LED ring light, and tripod, he can capture studio-worthy content to fill every feed.

3. Pictionary Air


For the tween who’s decided she’s too cool for family game night, Pictionary Air brings her back to the table. This virtually enabled upgrade of the classic game uses an in-app camera to cast your illustrations on screen, keeping phones free for texting and ‘gramming.

4. Jetson Flash Hoverboard with Built-In Bluetooth Speaker


For the tween who was too young for the hoverboard craze of 2015, Jetson’s Self-Balancing Hoverboard more than makes up for lost time. This even flashier version of “that kid’s” favorite toy comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker that lets everyone know he’s hovering around adolescence.

5. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme

For the Internet-addicted tween, this get-together game challenges you to create the funniest meme. We can’t imagine a more perfect game for playing with friends (you guessed it)...over the internet.

6. iScream Tie Dye Pastel Earbuds


For the super-popular tween, this pair of tie-dye earbuds will look cute on Facetime. As a bonus for parents of kids who constantly lose stuff, these buds are also cheap to replace.

7. Sphero Specdrums


For parents of tweens who want to give their kid something super cool that’s not all over Instagram, these app-connected drum pads are IT. With the Specdrums you can tap a color and hear a sound, creating loopable sound effects that turn the world into a personal DJ booth.

8. Polaroid i-Type Camera


For the picture-perfect tween, Polaroid’s point-and-shoot analog instant camera offers an introduction to real photography.

9. BrandNewNoise Player One


For the talkative tween, BrandNewNoise’s handmade take on the TalkBoy lets your kid experiment with sound. Sing, beatbox, or make simple recordings without using up that precious screen time allowance.

10. C7skates Premium Quad Roller Skates


For the tween who’s into vintage, these classically styled roller skates are oh-so retro. With a faux leather lace-up boot and photogenic colorways, she’ll be ready to lace up and roll.