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Our Kid Toy Experts Kicked It With Akedo Arcade Warriors

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors are all the fun of a classic arcade fighting game, without the screen time.

CAMP Stores


Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors is what happens when you mix the classic button mashing appeal of Rock‘em Sock’em Robots with the extraordinary characters of arcade fighting games!

These mini battling action figures with major attitude have all the extreme moves, weapons, and intensity of arcade game characters, but off the screen and in your hands for some IRL battling action.


Who would win in an epic battle between Chux Lee’s fearsome roundhouse kicks and Starbreaker’s high-kicking roller skates? Who would be left standing after the dust settles on a legendary duel between Buster Bling with his Power Punching arm and the venomous snake club of Miss Slither? It’s impossible to say, but that’s what makes Akedo duels so much fun: They depend on your kiddo!


Our Expert Kid Toy Testers concur — Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors are super cool, super fun, and super collectible. But don't take our word for it — watch for yourself how much fun these little dudes are to play with:

Oh, It's On: CAMP Kids Play With... Akedo Ultimate Warriors!