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Art Squad Inspires Kids to Be Creative, Bold, and Super-Stylish

Meet the Art Squad — the dolls that come with their own DIY style, plus a cool craft that encourages kids to be their best, boldest selves!

Sarah Burns

CAMPxArtSquad DollImageB

They’re bold, stylish, and always down to DIY — they’re the Art Squad, and they’re a different kind of doll. Sure, they’ve got fierce lewks for days, but these doll-divas aren’t just about playing pretend: Each one is a unique personality, with their own artistic interests, and each doll comes with a cool DIY craft for kids to make, so they can dive right into exploring their own creative expression! 

Each Art Squad doll is poseable and 10 inches tall, with color-in clothes (fabric markers included, of course!), and a DIY project that comes with everything your kid will need to try a new craft. There’s also a color-in poster and a picture frame to pop it into, awesome fashion accessories, eyeshadow sticker sheets, and a doll stand so kids can display their fierce new friend alongside their fantastic creations. Without further ado, let's meet the crafty crew ...

Lady T, Stencil & Spray Paint Pro

CAMPxArtSquad DollLadyT (1)

Splashy bright drips and perfectly stenciled lines are the name of Lady T’s game. Forever an advocate for public art, she takes to the streets with bold colors, a mix of patterns, and a DIY style that reflects her artistic persona. Lady T's style is a bit edgy, but her infectiously sweet and silly attitude makes her a favorite at the schools where she volunteers, creating murals with inspiring messages for the students to enjoy. When she’s got something to say, you’ll see her uplifting messages spray painted all over the place — just check the corner for her signature, “Lady T.”

Kids can make their own mark with a stencil set that’s Lady T approved. She comes with a 3-color ink palette, a stencil, a sponge stamper, and a scrunchie to design and wear with pride. Kids can also stencil Lady T’s jacket for a matching look only besties could pull off. And the creating doesn’t have to stop there: Your budding fashion icon can stencil their design on pretty much any fabric, so they can get crazy with old t-shirts, backpacks, or DIY designer clothes for the rest of their toys!

Andi, Pop Art Princess

CAMPxArtSquad DollAndi (1)

Bold and colorful from head to toe, Andi shocks with a look that really POPS! She’s not as loud as her look though — Andi can actually be a little shy sometimes. But her vibrant, comic-book inspired work says everything she wants to say as colorfully as possible! With an arm full of beaded bangles, and the brightest, hippest hues, you’ll see and hear Andi before she makes the scene, sporting an adorable gumball purse full of beads. Inspiration can strike at any time, so Andi keeps her trusty sketchbook nearby, but her favorite hobby is making bracelets for new friends.

If you’ve got a future jewelry designer on your hands, Andi is sure to be their new best friend. She comes with a 2-in-1 bead storage bag, beading string, and — of course — beads, which she really can hold in her purse. Kids can make matching friendship bracelets for themselves and their pal, and add a bright sticker to her POP art bow for a look that’s colorful, creative high fashion.

Vannah, Artistic Adventurer

CAMPxArtSquad DollVannah (1)

Classy, cute, and creative, Vannah is an artist who's always on the go. Traveling the world for inspiration, she paints beautiful scenes that capture the culture of each location in stunning post-impressionist detail. Always the trend setter, Vannah draws to inspire the art fashion of the future, and her sketchbook is always at hand. An oil painting pro, Vannah takes artistic inspiration from Van Gogh, and when she’s not working on a fresh canvas, she likes to cast her gaze up to the starry night to do some stargazing. 

Future fashion designers can give Vannah’s paintable bag clip charm a colorful upgrade or create adorably small masterpieces on the 4 mini canvas papers included. There’s 3 colors of paint for mixing and matching, and a paint brush to pull it all together and create something beautiful. Vannah likes to paint what she sees in her travels, and this miniature paint set is something that could easily be packed up for the road!

Nene, Etching & Sketching Glow Qween

CAMPxArtSquad DollNene (1)

A glowing personality doesn’t even scratch the surface when talking about Nene. Her fashion sense lights up the night when she's dancing under the stars with her friends, and her bold neon and black art style is high-contrast, etched elegance. Armed with packs of crayons and gallons of black paint, Nene creates her own crazy canvases by making scratch paper in her favorite neon colors. A music festival devotee, Nene can be found blasting her own personal soundtrack while working on new artwork and fashions late into the night. 

Neon-loving young artists can accessorize with an ever-changing etchable bag clip: First they use a sponge brush to cover the bag clip with a layer of black paint, then when the paint dries, they use the included etching tool to carve out a design, revealing the vivid hues underneath. The best part of Nene’s crafts? Kids can paint over their work with another layer of black paint, let it dry, and create another design again and again!

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