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Perfect Gifts for 15 Year Olds

Presents that will delight (and de-stress) discerning teens.

Nicole Kear

15 Year Old Gift Guide

There are as many kinds of teens as there are Snapchat filters (maybe even more), but there are certain constants that unite them all. Like the rest of us, teens love to look good, feel good, have fun with friends and feast on fabulous flavors — sometimes all at the same time. Easy peasy. Behold, ten gift ideas that contain enough of a cool quotient to make that fifteen-year-old grin like a little kid again.

Modern Sprout DIY Seed Ball Kit

If you give a teen a pizza, they eat for a day — but if you teach them to make pizza, they eat for a lifetime. Or until they figure out how to order it on Grubhub. This kit contains seeds for organic basil, oregano, arugula and cherry tomato seeds — all the basics for a killer pizza (and maybe they’ll even share).

W & P Matcha Shaker

Whether it be iced matchas or matcha lattes, when it comes to matcha, you can nat(cha) go wrong. This three-piece shaker comes with a serving glass and a mesh screen to make the drink airy, fluffy, and utterly delectable.

Franklin Sports Whirl Ball

Like the nachos and hot dogs you devour while playing them, arcade games are impossible to outgrow. So bring the arcade to you with this at-home Whirl Ball game, complete with automatic ball return, electronic scoring, and those inimitable arcade sounds. 

David Bowie Bingo

Trying to figure out what’s cool is like hitting a moving target. But Bowie — icon, rock god, alien — is perma-cool and totally timeless. A no-brainer for Bowie fans, this gift loaded with Bowie references is perfect for music aficionados, style icons-in-training, or anyone, anywhere, who is marching to the beat of their own drum.

Make Your Own Mondrian

Whether you’re an art-lover or just a nonconformist, this stress-free, open-ended puzzle is sure to please. Just as Piet Mondrian did, players can arrange the different color tiles to their liking — the possibilities are endless, and the process will leave you magnificently mellow.

Fred Cat Call Phone Stand

Let’s face it — you’re not going to be able to pry that phone out of your teen’s hand. So why not give them an adorable accessory that will do the holding for them? This cat duo will allow teens to read, watch, and video chat — all hands-free. 

Gingko Flip Click Clock

“Rise and shine!” Words no one anywhere wants to hear. So let the alarm be the bad guy — and, to soften the blow, make it a sleek, modern, thoroughly magical alarm clock. The Flip Click Clock is chill in a box — it doesn’t even display the time unless you tell it to by touching the top, or better yet, by snapping your fingers (it’s sound activated).

Funky Rico Selfie Ring Light

Looking lit was never so easy. Whether your teen craves TikTok fame or just wants to crush it with their social circle, they all want to look flawless online — and this selfie light will make that happen. It’s rechargeable, plugs into any device and has three brightness settings: lit, blinding, and supernova. 

FaceTory 7 Days of Masking

Look, these are some craaaaazy times we’ve been living in, and all that stress can wreak havoc on a person’s skin, especially if that person is raging with hormones. Enter tea tree, charcoal, and pomegranate to the skin rescue. Let your teen indulge in some serious R & R with a full week of different sheet masks.

Inspirational Women Puzzle

What do Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Harriet Tubman, Frida Kahlo and Amelia Earhart have in common? They are kick-butt, trailblazing world-changers — and they are all all featured in this 1000 piece circular puzzle celebrating incredible women. Stress-relief and inspiration, all in one? Yes, please!  

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