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Inflatable Pools To Relax In All Summer Long

No pool? No problem. You're just a pump and a garden hose away from cool, splashy summer fun.

Margo Gothelf · 3 months ago

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There’s nothing better than relaxing in the pool on a hot summer’s day. But what if you don’t have a pool? Not to worry, these inflatable pools are the next best thing. Check out our recommendations below for inflatable pools that will keep you cool — and entertained — all summer long. 

Family-Sized Inflatable Swimming Pool

This inflatable swimming pool is a classic choice when it comes to easy, splashy, backyard fun. The rectangular pool will comfortably fit up to five people, allowing the whole family to get in and get cool. The two curved water valves also make clean up a breeze. 

Inflatable Jungle Adventure Pool

Sorry adults — this one is for the kids only! Grab your air pump, and in about five minutes, you'll have a pool, slide, and sprinkler all in one. The only problem with this inflatable pool? It will be hard to convince your little ones to get out at the end of the day. 

Inflatable Family Pool

Looking for a relaxing day in the sun? The Members Mark Elegant Family Pool has got you covered. The inflatable pool features two backrests and seats, ensuring extra comfort and relaxation. The backrests are spaced out pretty well, allowing for the kids to play in the middle while mom and dad kick back and relax on the sides.   

Unicorn Pool With Sprinkler

Sure, you can swim with fish and dolphins, but have you ever thought about swimming with unicorns? This summer, make that dream a reality with this inflatable unicorn pool. The miniature pool comes with a slide, a wading pool, and two unicorns that spray water from their horns. Simply attach the hose right to the pool and let the unicorns work their magic. 

Inflatable Pool with Elephant Sprinkler

With this inflatable pool, you don't have to choose between running through a sprinkler or splashing around the pool. The inflatable pool simply lets you enjoy both at the same time, all thanks to the elephant sprinkler head. The only downside? There will be no escaping from the splash zone, so expect to get wet! 

Dinoland Backyard Play Center Swimming Pool

Take a dip in the watering hole with some prehistoric friends in this dinosaur pool. Not only does this pool come with a slide, but it also comes with a few games like Dino Hoops and Volcanic Ball Roller — don't worry, the exploding volcano on this inflatable pool won't change the temperature of the water! Your kids' excitement about this dinosaur inflatable pool is guaranteed not to go extinct.

3 Ring Watermelon Pool

Watermelon is basically the unofficial symbol of the summer. It's great on its own, in popsicles, or as a refreshing glass of juice. Its best form though? As this inflatable Sun Squad Watermelon 3-Ring Pool. As this pool blows up, slice up some watermelon to snack on, as it seems a little ridiculous to eat anything else in there. 

Rainbow Play Center

It might take a little rain to get a rainbow, but I can promise with this rainbow inflatable pool, the only rain you'll get is from the pool itself. Blow up this inflatable pool and get ready for a magical day of splashing and sliding around. This pool also has a built-in water sprayer, which if you point it in the right direction, will create a real-life rainbow on its own. 

Swimming Pool Inflatable Suntan Tub Float

You know how sometimes you just want to get a little bit wet but not take a full dip in the pool? This pool raft lets you do exactly that. The inflatable partially submerges you in water, so you can read a book, listen to music, or just chill out while cooling off. It also doubles as a pool float, just in case you change your mind about the whole getting in the pool thing. 

Inflatable Whale Spray Kiddie Pool

Have a little one who's new to the water this summer? Introduce them to the fun of splashing with this adorable whale inflatable pool. The friendly face will encourage them to play in the water, all while they learn to embrace the pool life. When they get really comfortable, turn on the sprinkler attached to the whale's tale for a splash of a good time.