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These 11 Bath Bombs Will Make You Stoked To Be Soaked

Bubbles are great, but these baths are the bomb! Fantastic at any age, bath bombs are a great way to relax, pamper yourself, and have some good clean fun.

Sarah Burns · about 1 year ago

Thanks for checking out our product recommendations! Just a heads-up, Camp may make some money if you shop from any of the external links on this page. Pricing and availability may have changed since this page was published.

1. Mer-mazing Mango Toy Surprise Bath Bomb


Credit: Feeling Smitten

From the depths of the jewel-toned waters, this mermaid-themed bath bomb — fittingly titled Splash! — bubbles away to reveal a secret sea-themed treat. These little gems are the creation of Feeling Smitten, which specializes in making bathtime fun and safe by using natural, cruelty-free ingredients.

Your little water nymph will be swimming in a sea of lilac. Splash! is glitter free, has a lovely gentle fizz, and the light, refreshing mango scent won’t linger in the bathroom like perfumy, flowery scents can. When dissolved, a treasure of the sea is revealed, perfect for any mermaid’s jewelry collection.

2. "Frozen II" Olaf Bath Bomb

SQ2486783 720x

Credit: Da Bomb Bath

Do you want to use a bath bomb? Go on and soak away! I haven’t seen this bomb before, From Frozen II (will there be more?), It’s for your bath today!

Glitter lovers, rejoice! This bomb uses mica powder for a super sparkly punch that's free of microplastics. The result is a sparkle-filled bath reminiscent of newly fallen snow, and the scent, while difficult to name (some kind of berry, maybe?) is amazing but not overwhelming. When this snowball melts away, a snow-themed surprise can be discovered

3. Unicorn Bomb

SQ8124664 720x

Credit: Da Bomb Bath

Why take a normal bath, when you can take a unicorn bath? Da Bomb’s Unicorn Fizzer Bath Bomb delivers an enchanting, colorful experience, packed with essential oils for smooth skin.

This pink and blue bath treat smells of candy, and when dissolved, a unicorn-themed surprise awaits.

4. Donut Worry Be Happy Bath Bomb

B-DO 2

Credit: Feeling Smitten

Feeling Smitten’s Donut Worry Be Happy bombs look good enough to eat, but we recommend tossing these sweet treats into your tub instead.

These convincingly decorated donuts turn the water pretty pastel shades and fizz away, leaving the donutty decorations bobbing along the water without sticking to sensitive skin. They’re the perfect price-point for an anytime treat that won’t spoil appetites. With so many beautiful colors, and a pleasant, but not overwhelming fragrance, you’re going to want to buy these donuts by the dozen.

5. Ryan's Worlds Bath Fizzers

81FQpBXPvjL. SL1500

Credit: Ryan's World

Ryan Kaji, the unboxing video prince of YouTube (and namesake star of Ryan’s World), is making waves with these fun and fruity bath fizzers.

With your choice of blueberry, orange, apple, and cherry, these fizzers are made with cosmetic grade dye for a vibrant, chemical-free tubtime experience. After all that fizzy fun, you’re left with a secret surprise!

6. Treasure Bomb

SQ5155941 2db9624f-7e21-4454-894f-7d35354f7f78 720x

Credit: Da Bomb Bath

The goose that laid the golden egg has nothing on this glittering sphere! Treasure, the mega-glitter bath fizzer by Da Bomb, dazzles with a golden shimmer, skin-soothing essential oils, and a light, fruity coconut fragrance.

A fantastic bomb for special occasions when you’re looking to add a little extra oomph to your get-ready routine, this bomb leaves the skin with a golden, glistening kiss. As with all Da Bomb bath fizzers, this bomb shines from start to finish, revealing a golden surprise as it fizzles away.

7. Red Planet Bath Bomb


Credit: Nailmatic Kids

Nailmatic — the company known for their silly-faced kid-friendly nail polishes — makes a celestial splash with this colorful galaxy fizzing bomb.

The Galaxy Bath Bomb is chamomile infused, with a subtle, soothing berry scent, making this bath bomb ideal for getting bedtime rolling. Beautifully and brightly colored, this little ball of happy spins around as it fizzes, creating cosmic swirls of color, and leaves bathwater a pretty pastel purple.

8. Glow Bomb

SQ4001806 720x

Credit: Da Bomb Bath

Ready for the ultimate glow-up? Da Bomb’s Glow Bomb bath fizzer is packed with skin-softening essential oils, and its refreshing honeydew fragrance stays pleasantly on the skin without being overpowering.

But the best part about this bomb can only be seen with the lights off! While the water is running for bathtime fun, place this ectoplasm-green ball under a light source. When it’s tubtime, toss it in, turn out the lights, and enjoy the glow!

9. Dinosaurous Citrus Toy Surprise Bath Bomb


Credit: Feeling Smitten

A close cousin of Splash!, Rawr! has an energizing scent of citrus, and a vibrant, sunny orange hue. Each Rawr! contains a super secret surprise that will have your kid asking, “Do you think it’s a dinosaur?” over and over again.

Can this little thing really be that much fun? You bet Jurrassic can! Rawr! is one of the most popular bath bombs for little kids (and big kids!) who hate taking baths. A T-Rex wearing some sweet shades graces the packaging, and the surprise inside manages to be teeny, but also somehow realistic, and utterly delightful.

10. Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb

IMG 4101cropped 900x

Credit: Feeling Smitten

This sweet, smiling Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb by Feeling Smitten, is part bath bomb, part dazzling rainbow show! When it hits the water, the happy cloud floats tranquilly along as a mesmerizing colorful rainbow is left in its wake.

Lightly sprinkled with silver glitter, this bomb won’t leave you looking like a disco ball, and its sweet lavender essence soothes and refreshes, resulting in a bath experience that feels like cloud nine.