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10 Fantastic Dolls and Fashion Toys for Kids Who Love Barbies

Barbie's an icon who's admittedly hard to top. (Who would even dare try?) But any kid who loves Barbie would also love these stylish dolls and fashion toys!

Megan Miles

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Since 1959, Barbie has been the queen of the doll world. We’ve fallen in love with her clothing, hair styles, and fashion accessories. She’s traveled with us on vacations, to birthday parties, and to “Show & Tell” at school. And while Barbie will always be our first love, families should know that there’s a whole world of dolls out there that are building on — and adding to — what Barbie has accomplished. If your kid loves Barbie, they’ll adore these dolls and fashion toys. Here are 10 of our stylish favorites!

Barbie Extra Doll

The record stops and heads turn when this Barbie enters the room. Barbie Extra dares to wear bright colors, bold fashions, and unique styles. Let your Barbie Extra show the runway who’s boss with that big furry rainbow coat, high fashion hair, and adorable pet in tow. Barbie Extra’s playful style and colorful fashion make for hours of expressive, EXTRAordinary fun.

Barbie Travel Doll

Barbie Travel Doll’s plane ticket is booked and she’s ready to explore the world with you as her travel buddy! No need to worry about packing, though, because this Barbie comes equipped with all of the essential vacay getaway items. Hot pink suitcase? Check. Pastel pink backpack? Check. Headphones, camera, and neck pillow? Check, check, and check. She even remembered to bring an adorable little puppy. 

Rainbow High Series 3

The G.L.A.M. (Grit, Love, Action, & Moxie) Squad takes creativity to the next level, and it’s a delight to watch them work. Let them strut their stuff down the school hallways, as they amaze all the other dolls in your collection with their one-of-a-kind style. Fashionistas will love putting together the perfect outfits for these Rainbow High dolls and taking them on exciting adventures through the schoolyard and beyond. (Each doll includes 5 hairpins, 2 complete outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, a doll accessory comb, and a doll stand.)

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer Tiana Doll

You are cordially invited to attend hours of royalty entertainment with Princess Tiana. Whether it’s a fancy tea party, an elegant ball, or an important princess affair, Royal Shimmer Tiana is going to make sure it’s an event to remember in her shimmering gown with special jewel ombre details. Make Disney’s Frog Princess a charming addition to your doll collection and take her on magical fairytale adventures that only YOU can imagine! 

Creatable World Deluxe Character Kit Customizable Doll

With the all-inclusive Creatable World Doll, you have the freedom to make original designs that are unique to you and your fashionable new friend. Mix and match clothing, hair, and accessories to make this doll funky, casual, cool, chic, or whatever suits your personality. In this Creatable World, you hold the fashion power, so let your self-expression shine and show the world what cool REALLY means ... acceptance!

Rainbow High Color Changing Car

Beep! Beep! Look who’s about to roll through Rainbow High in the hottest set of wheels with eight color-changing effects. With this gorgeous Rainbow High car, which changes color with the tap of a button, the only ticket you’ll ever get is for being cool! And you don’t have to pay those — you can just leave them on the windshield of your colorful new ride so that everybody knows they’re dealing with a cool customer. 

KidKraft Bianca City Life Dollhouse

Who cares if your entire paycheck goes towards rent? This place is AMAZING! It’s got FOUR levels of fun, city views, a rooftop pool, and an elevator! Interactive features include working lights and a picture frame to hold a real photo, and this epic dream home also includes ground level shops and a gym so you never have to leave the block! It’s time to treat all your favorite dolls to a house party they’ll never forget. 

Cool Maker GO GLAM U-nique Nail Salon

Just one look at your brand new U-nique style, and all your friends will be shouting, "NAILED IT!" The GO GLAM U-nique Nail Salon comes equipped with everything your hands and feet desire, with 250 designs for nails of any size, five design pods, two nail polish colors, a dryer, storage, and a portable stamper. All you have to do is pop in the design, polish your nails, let them dry, and stamp on the icon. Pop, Polish, Stamp, Repeat!

Fashion Angels Fashion Design Light Pad Sketch Set

Move over Gucci — there’s a new fashion designer in town. With the Fashion Angels Fashion Design Light Pad Sketch Set, you can create chic, sporty, trendy, or date night looks that are runway ready. Simply plug in the light pad, trace the garment designs, and add your own fashion flavor with the accent stickers. Take it on the go, and create brand new looks from any location! It’s fun, it’s portable, it’s FASHION!