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Epic Gifts for 13 Year Olds

These gifts show you've been paying attention to what they think is cool...even if you still don't get why.

Cathleen Drake Nelson

13 Year Old Gift Guide

Shopping for 13-year-olds is super fun: their wish lists are beginning to overlap with those of older people like us, while still providing plenty of opportunities to fill their rooms with fun, silly, and curiosity-fueling stuff. Gift-giving times are great opportunities to show these young teens that you respect their more discerning tastes, and that you’ve been paying attention to what they think is cool. 

Elle Cree "Blooming Succulent in Hobnail Bowl" Paint-by-Number Kit

You know they don’t want a little-kid room anymore. You know they don’t have any interest in watering plants. You’re here to help. This kit has both on-trend design appeal and a high DIY success rate. Easy to create and easier to care for, this arrangement can provide an oasis of beauty and order in a room that might be anything but. 

Farm Steady Rainbow Bagel Making Kit

Is there a magic place where your favorite food combines with liquid gel food colors to make the prettiest thing you’ll ever want to eat? It’s your kitchen! This kit includes everything a person could need, including step-by-step instructions and how-to videos, to make rainbows appear on your countertops (temporarily), in a bazillion photos, and in her/his tummy, simultaneously! Give the gift of color where it doesn’t need to be, but can be. Take it up even another notch with the Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese Making Kit, to let your teen make not just the bagels, but the cream cheese too!

eeBoo Votes for Women 500 Piece Round Puzzle

Need some decent role models? How about over 40 of them? Teens know the world isn’t perfect, and this gift shows them you’re on board with their passion for giving voice to injustice. Together, you can get to know some of the justice-fighters from the past who worked for voting rights for women and people of color, and maybe even talk about ways to make today’s world better. 

Magnum Swipe Vlogging Light

Lights! Camera (not included)! Action! It took just one Zoom call for your teen (and all of us) to learn how fun screens can be, so it won’t be long before this video-making gear lets your budding filmmaker or TikToker add professional-quality lighting and backgrounds to whatever they create on a smartphone. After you see what the LED ring light with 3 color-modes and adjustable brightness settings can do to photos and videos, you’ll be asking your kid for a tutorial. Maybe they’ll even film it for you! 

Yellow Owl Workshop RGB/CMYK Earrings

Can you finally share jewelry with your kid? Yes! That’s what you can tell yourself in order to let these lovely 24-karat earrings get wrapped. Your artistic teen might recognize the sophisticatedly asymmetrical color patterns of these baubles as the two modes for mixing color in graphic design — because, hello!, they know more than you do now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to borrow them, at least once.

iScream Silver Glitter Earbud Compact

Until we implant earbuds inside our ear canals, humans will keep losing these wireless doodads, so chances are good this gift will be appreciated. Plus, their beauty might just prevent their loss: how could anyone lose track of this shiny ear bling? They come with a cord, charging case, Bluetooth compatibility, and loads of style.

3Doodler Start Essential Pen Set

We’ve all wished we could draw something into reality. Let your teen experience that awesome sense of domination over space, with everything they need to get started doodling in 3-D. Watch them extrude colorful heated plastic that hardens almost instantly — to create robot figurines, a scale model of the Eiffel Tower, a flower headband, a bike mount for their iPad, cool presents for all their friends, really whatever they can imagine. There’s something incredible about watching your vision take shape in three dimensions. This may be the closest your teen can get to feeling like a god, and the closest you can get to feeling like the best one-of-a-kind-gift-giver ever. 

Gift Republic You Guac Served

Unless you have the speed of Achilles (who was said to run quickly enough to catch his own spear), you need at least one other player for table tennis. That’s a good thing. Give the gift of human interaction and light-hearted competition. Attach the net to any table about four feet wide, and prepare to smash or be smashed. The silly avocado-colored paddles and pit-colored balls pretty much guarantee good sportsmanship and bad avocado jokes. Avo’ go! Life without this game is the pits! (Sorry, had to.)

iScream Neon Effect Frame Blue

Tweens have their own way of spelling things out – and what better way to get the message accross than with glowing neon? You might need to know a little cursive, but this is three meters of neon blue flexy-flexy wire to twist into words and shapes, and illuminate the word with your words!

Sphero Specdrums

Sphero Specdrums is the answer to the question, "what if we could hear colors?" Special app-enabled rings open up a world of sound and color, and with a few simple taps, you can create music literally anywhere. Includes a color mat that's a little similar to playing a keyboard, and the sound pack contains words, sounds, numbers, effects, plus you can record custom audio so you can DJ whenever the music – or colors – moves you.

Toysmith Cosmic Glow Stars

A tween's room is one of the few places they're afforded some control, and glowing stuff is very cool. Give them some star power with this removable, glowing set of reusable stick-on stars, and let them see what it feels like to be a master of the universe.


If you've ever been with a group of tweens (maybe on the driving end of the carpool), then you know – they can really chat it up! Give them something to blab about with this hilarious, fast-paced word associate game where the objective is to blurt out their answers before the timer goes off, or lose their scoring tokens. Player with the most tokens wins the game, and bragging rights.

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