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Gifts Even 14 Year Olds Will Love

These fun, stylish presents will put a smile on your teen’s face, we promise.

Nicole Kear

14 Year Old Gift Guide

Is there any group of kids tougher to shop for than the young end of the teen spectrum? They who once ruled the school are now the babies of the Big Leagues, new to high school, bewildered by puberty, and generally caught in between kid-dom and adulthood. Fourteen year-olds can stump even the best gift-giver. 

But fear not! We’ve looked high and low for gifts that have just the right mixture of savvy, stimulation, and style (with plenty of fun thrown in) to delight even the hardest-to-please 14-year-old. 

Thumbs Up UK Speech Bubble Memo Light Box

It’s magnetic! It’s dry-erase! And it lights up! Is there nothing this memo box can’t do? Teens can use it in their locker for morning reminders, in their bedroom for nighttime affirmations, or anywhere, just to doodle on. 

Gurrl Power Earrings

The purrrfect gift for the cat-loving, girl boss in your life, these adorable earrings are gilded in 22 karat gold with hypoallergenic posts. Mismatched for ultimate cuteness, one reads “Gurrl Power” and the other, “Future in Feline.” 

IScream Silver Glitter Earbuds Compact

Is there anything teens love more than music, especially when it’s played so only they can hear it? With these oh-so-fabulous bluetooth earbuds, your teen can bop in style — and can adjust their makeup at the same time with the handy compact. 

Luckies Smartphone Projector

Smartphones are awesome — what would we do without them? But if you’ve ever tried to crowd around a phone with seven of your best friends to watch a Youtube video, you’ll know they can be a bit...small. Enter the smartphone projector, which magnifies a phone screen up to eight times its size, making it a must-have for any teen with a social life. 

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Some like it hot, or so Hot Ones tells us — so let ‘em try their hands at making their own fermented hot sauce. From flaming hot nachos to get-the-firehose ramen, the list of teen-friendly snacks that can be improved with a customized hot sauce is truly endless. And they might even learn a little science in the process (just don't tell them that).

Farm Steady Rainbow Bagel Making Kit

The only thing on earth better than a bagel is a rainbow bagel — and the only thing better than a rainbow bagel is one your teen made themselves. Teach those kids a life skill that will keep on giving with this fun cooking gift! 

Gift Republic Adopt a Dolphin

Give your green-loving teenager a gift that honors their commitment to protecting our precious planet: A dolphin that doesn't have to live in your bathtub. Each gift tin comes with a donation in their name to a nonprofit that supports and protects dolphins in the wild, plus tons of cool dolphin info and extras to captivate your environmentally aware teen.

Polaroid Camera

Teens and photos go together like Snap and chat, Insta and gram. But no matter how killer your camera roll is, you can’t hang a digital photo up in your locker or on your bedroom wall. Which is why the classic Polaroid instant camera is a perfect gift for teens! Same insta-print capabilities as the one you used to have, only this version is smaller and more portable, so your teen never has to be without it!

Thumbs Up UK Finger Dance Machine

Sure, you could just play song off your phone, but why just listen, when you can dance? Download the Mini Finger Dance app, set your smartphone up in the retro dance machine, and challenge friends to an epic dance battle of finger-sized proportions!

Incohearent Family Edition

If your young teen is complaining they're too old for family game night, then it's time to update your games! Kick babyish board games to the curb with this grown-up-but-not-too-grown-up version of the hilarious gibberish card game, Incohearent. Pick a card, read it alound, and guess the nonsensical phrases to score points – due yew under stand?

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