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Awesome Gifts for 16 Year Olds

No eye rolls, only sweet, sweet gratitude with these gifts. Can't promise a thank-you note, though

Nicole Kear

16 Year Old Gift Guide

Whether you're living with teenage music-lovers, style mavens, or 80s-pop-culture-fanatics, we’ve got you covered with these sixteen-tastic gifts.

Hoodie Memory Foam Pillow

When a sweatshirt and a neck pillow team up, the result is mind-blowing — a hoodie pillow, the ultimate accessory for teens needing to cocoon. Just slip over your shoulders, pull up the hood, tighten the drawstrings for a snug fit and let your head sink into memory foamy goodness. Presto! It’s naptime.

Fred ManaTea Tea Infuser

Tea infusers don’t get more charming — or more punny — than this. Whether you rock the rooibos, or energize with Earl Grey, you’ll enjoy your spot ‘o tea more with this critter chilling inside of it. 

Bob Ross Monopoly

From the man who never had a bad hair day comes this twist on Monopoly, where you’ll buy, sell, and trade works of art from the Joy of Painting series. Travel the board as a woodland entity — squirrel! pine tree! — and rack up covered bridges and cabins. Board games have never been so relaxing.

Road Trip Candle

Ever wished you could bottle the feeling of going on a road trip? The wind in your hair, the soaring exhilaration, your favorite song playing on the radio? The folks at Homesick did just that, distilling the smell of a road trip  — leather, cedarwood, lime, jasmine — into a candle. Whether you’re soaking in the tub or studying for a Pre-Calc test, you’ll be totally transported. 

Modern Sprout Garden Jar Parsley

If you’ve ever planted a seed, you know the enormous explosion of joy and victory you feel when a little sprout — an actual, living plant! — pokes its head out of the dirt. Helping living things grow is the simplest thing in the universe, and also just about the most satisfying. This small, soil-free hydroponic set that grows edible herbs is as easy as gardening gets. 

Printworks Memory Game Celebrity Couples

Celebrity couples are like ice sculptures — beautiful, fleeting and so much fun to gawk at. In this fun take on the classic Memory game, players have to pair celebrity couples to win. Was J. Lo with Sean Penn? Or was that Madonna? Who did Johnny Depp date? All will be revealed...

Ooly Calligraphy Duo Chisel and Brush Tip Markers

You’ve been studying for the SATs right? Okay, fill in this analogy: Vinyl is to mp3 music as a ______  invitation is to an evite. If you answered “calligraphy,” you are correct (college, here you come!). Sure, there are approximately five billion font choices on your computer and you can use those to make just about anything digitally, but your friends won’t treasure those the way they will a hand-written invite or note or even just a doodle. 

Posi Vibes Fortune Telling Dice

DIY psychics, take note! This handy pocket oracle contains everything you need to tell the fortunes of your friends and family — eight wooden dice, and a booklet that helps you interpret the symbols. If seeing into the future freaks you out, that’s okay — you can use the dice to read vibes in the present, like a turbo-powered mood ring.

Thumbs Up UK Burger Speaker

Meet Bert, the ultra-adorable, super-portable, burger-shaped speaker you never knew you needed — until you set eyes on it. Bert, who is Bluetooth compatible and packs a punch with 2W sound, also has a built-in microphone (overachiever that he is), so you can use him to make calls. Just don’t eat him, please. 

You Guac Served Ping Pong Set

Fact: ping pong cures boredom. Additional fact: everything is better when it’s made to look like an avocado. Combine these facts and what you get is this ridiculously cute guacamole-themed ping pong set. As an added perk, the set is portable, so you never have to leave home without it.  

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