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Best Gifts for 9 Year Olds

Get ready to rock their worlds with presents so cool, you’ll want them for yourself!

Erica Silverstein

9 Year Old Gift Guide

Shopping for nine-year-olds is the best! You can buy them all the toys you secretly want to play with and they’ll happily set their imaginations to work. But they’re also smart enough to be board game contenders and work some serious STEM magic. Go to town with these knockout gifts for 9 year olds, and maybe buy an extra for yourself.

4M Doodling Robot

Nine year olds have lived long enough to know how to take the easy way out. They pay little sis in old Halloween candy to walk the dog, and feign exhaustion to get parents to pack their school bag. Now, they can build a robot to create art for them. In a few years, they’ll be teaching it to conquer the world.

Creatable World Deluxe Character Kit Customizable Doll

At nine, it’s still cool to play with dolls — if the dolls are cool. And nothing is cooler than a gender norm-defying doll that can rock long or short hair, combat boots or lemon-colored capris. Be the cool grownup and give a gift that encourages true-to-themselves self expression.

Clixo Rainbow Set

If Legos are old news for the 9 year old in your life, give them a new building challenge. Clixo’s flexible shapes with magnetic attachments are a 180-degree change from the blocks they’ve previously used for construction. This toy will blow their mind into the next decade.

Family Trivial Pursuit

Fourth graders love board games. Why? Because they’re finally able to trounce their parents at trivia! Family Trivial Pursuit provides ample fodder for smart-aleck kids to score big while mocking their ignorant parents.

Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Supply Library

Art supplies. No kid ever has enough, likely because the beads and sequins are lost in the wilds of the bedroom carpet and the pom-poms scattered behind the couch during the Epic Pom-Pom Battle of Lockdown Day #64. Restock the ammo — we mean, art closet — with this thoughtful gift.

Nailmatic Kids Holidays Van Story Nail Polish Set

If your kid wants to stand out during that piano recital, swim meet, or assessment test, a little sparkle goes a long way. Outfit them with glittery nail polish in a choice of fun colors like pearly purpley-blue. Bonus for parents: It will help stave off early requests for eye shadow and lipstick if you’re not ready to go there.

Mindware Slime Lab Science Academy

Instead of a puppy, gift your favorite fourth grader a pet slime. They’re hypoallergenic, come in fun colors, don’t need to be fed or walked daily, and can teach your kid science. The only drawback is you can’t buy one at the pet store. With Mindware’s Slime Lab, any nine year old can rock the chemistry to create their own new best slimy friend.


What do you buy the kid who has everything? Llamanoes, a domino game featuring celebrity llama heads and tails instead of the classic dots. Grownups, be prepared to explain who the Dolly Llama is and what Niko-llama Tesla invented.

Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio

Got a kid who pairs prints, rocks dad’s shirt as a dress, or insists their OOTD is the height of elementary school fashion? You’ve got a budding fashionista on your hands. Nurture that talent with a Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio that allows them to create crazy couture in their own version of Project Runway.

LEGO Make Your Own Movie

The Great Banana Heist. Pizza vs. Diamonds: The Battle for a Girl’s Best Friend. The Two-Faced Cop Who Lost His Pants. Never heard of these movies? They’re forthcoming productions from Playroom Productions, made possible by the LEGO Make Your Own Movie set and the bizarre internal life of the nine year old on your gift list.

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

At nine, kids have perfected the frustrated eye roll and the angry stomp. Put the latter skill to use to launch stunt planes with these next-level stomp rockets. Watch anger turn to amazement as the foam rockets perform loop-de-loops and flip turns. Just point the launcher away from the house to avoid any pay-back roof landings.

iScream Reversible Cupcake Sequin Pillow

Help yourself to a serving of this cupcake pillow! These beautiful jewel tones are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and magic to any decor, and the reversible color-changing sequins are just the icing on the cake.

Spirograph Deluxe Set

Become a master of art and mathematics with a 22 piece set designed for creative minds. With a system of gears, pens, and Spiro-Putty, furture artists and engineers will find themselves creating intricut designs, shapes and patterns. The durable carrying case doubles as a work surface, and includes a guidebook, retractible pens, and a pad of paper to create the most dazzling, spiraling designs.

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