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Gifts for Kids Who Love Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, and All Things That Go

Here comes the vroom!

Matt Harvey


There are few play patterns more traditional than cars, trucks, trains, planes, and boats! Perhaps the appeal for kids is in recognizing replicas of things they encounter daily ... or maybe it’s the satisfaction of being able to control something — anything at all. If your kiddo loves to spin wheels, twirl propellers, or make their toys go vroom — they’ll love the toys on this list!

BRIO Metro Railway Set

When you have to choo-choose a gift for a small friend, a toy train set is almost always a sure bet! The folks at BRIO are some of the best in the toy train biz with their rugged build quality and classic designs. The BRIO Metro Railway Set includes 20 pieces, has lights and sound features, train cars with nifty sliding doors, two passenger figures, a ticket kiosk and a tunnel section to add a bit of drama to the commute!

BRIO Deluxe Railway Train Set

When it comes to train sets, the BRIO Deluxe Railway Train Set is the granddaddy of ‘em all! This train set has everything you need to get the supply chain in BRIO world movin’ and groovin’. Bridges, tunnels, tracks, cranes, freight trains, commuter trains, construction trains, boats, buses, trucks — the whole slamdango!

BRIO Classic Figure 8 Train Set

The BRIO Classic Figure 8 Train Set has classic in the name for a reason — this wooden train set is made of the highest quality materials and will last for generations. Your small friend will love taking this train on a figure 8 adventure through the forest! It’s also a good litmus test for the purchase of the bigger, more deluxe sets available. 

Municipals W Train

The letter W is often associated with a Win — and this Municpals W train is no different! It's a wooden toy train version of the W subway line of the MTA that has detailed paint apps, magnetic coupling, and plays well with BRIO wooden tracks.

Bruder MACK Granite Dump Truck

Bruder toy trucks are made to be played with! These toy trucks feature a durable build and amazing details. This particular Bruder MACK Granite Dump Truck has been a fan favorite in CAMP stores since we opened in 2018! From its brilliant blue and bright yellow colorway to its rugged playability, this toy truck is a standout from any point of view.

Bruder CAT Skid Steer Loader

If you’re in the car with a kiddo and they spot a construction site — prepare for maximum excitement to be exclaimed! Bring the construction site excitement home with the Bruder CAT Skid Steer Loader. This versatile vehicle is known for its use in construction, agriculture, and landscaping — with a functioning loading arm and detachable front shovel, this thing is ready to play work!

Bruder CAT Telehandler

This construction toy is modeled after the CAT Telehandler seen at countless construction sites — it’s even got the telescoping extendo arm contraption that makes it so popular at construction sites and at play time!

Bruder Excavator

Kids really dig this excavator toy! It has a power shovel, a lever operated shovel arm, and the body goes full circle to get those hard to reach places. The red, white, and gray coloring makes this a standout at the sandbox!

Bruder JCB MIDI CX Backhoe Loader

With a fully detachable front shovel and backhoe loading unit, two fold-in support legs and floating axel wheels — the Bruder JCB Loader is as true to life as it gets. Your little site foreman will love to play with this toy that looks and plays just like the real thing!

Bruder MAN Concrete Mixer

The Bruder MAN Concrete Mixer has all of the details and build quality you’d expect from a Bruder toy! It’s got a large, turning mixing barrel, an action crank, a pull lever, a chute and a bucket accessory — this thing is a concrete winner!

Bruder MAN Dump Truck

This is a toy dump truck of the highest order — if you’re looking for a solidly-built dump truck that dumps and trucks, this is the one! Built for kids who play hard, the Bruder MAN Dump Truck is made to last.

Bruder MB Sprinter Paramedic

Sometimes, very serious pretend accidents happen on play construction sites and someone has to answer the call — enter the Bruder MB Sprinter Paramedic truck! Get to the site swiftly and safely with various light and sound modes, load the patient into the treatment area with the included stretcher, and drive to the nearest pretend emergency room with the included paramedic figure. It’s a hard hat area for a reason, Caleb!

Bruder MAN Crane Truck

The Bruder MAN Crane Truck is a pile-ending finale gift. If you’re looking to turn some heads, this is your huckleberry! Firstly, this thing is BIG! Secondly, it has all of the crank turning, crane hook grappling of a real construction crane with 100% less danger. 

Monster Jam Monster Dirt Arena Play Set

The Monster Jam Monster Dirt Arena comes with 2 pounds of Monster Dirt (also known as kinetic sand), has entry gates for making moments out of showing up, ramps for wild  jumps, and tools to create the ultimate course! It even hooks up to other play sets in the Monster Jam line for even more monster truck action! 

Daron NYC Taxi

The NYC yellow cab is as iconic as any vehicle on the planet and you can snag this one without having to learn how to do the whistle! This sweet ride has a hood that opens so when another driver asks you what your damage is — you can investigate!

Daron FDNY Vehicle Set

Kids love fire fighters, fire trucks, and pretty much anything to do with saving the day from an impromptu blaze! Get the whole set of FDNY vehicles in this convenient set from our friends at Daron — it even has a helicopter!

Daron NYC Sanitation Dept. Garbage Truck

It’s not a glamorous job — but I for one am grateful for the folks that do it. Honor the folks that keep the city from becoming a trash pile with this NYC Sanitation Dept. Garbage Truck — it even has a little bin in the back!

Daron NYPD Vehicle Set

This is the whole set of NYPD vehicles that you see around and about NYC! It’s got the police car, tow truck, SUV, special ops vehicle, and the chase cruiser. Celebrate the folks that keep the city safe and add a heightened sense of realism to play time!

Daron Official NYC Vehicle Set

The Daron Official NYC Vehicle Set is a collection of all of the vehicles that aren’t in the FDNY and NYPD sets — but are still important for making the city a nice place to live. There’s vehicles from every corner of the city here: salt truck, parks and rec truck, sanitation truck, and even a taxi! 

Green Toys

Green Toys are made of recycled milk jugs! Every toy from Green Toys is holistically designed to eliminate the use of sharp corners or screws. These sturdy and brilliantly colored toys are well built and ready for immediate play— kids LOVE them. Here’s some of our favorites:

Hot Wheels Color Reveal

Hot Wheels have been around forever and they’re not going anywhere any time soon! Expand your collection with this awesome new Color Reveal set. Inside the barrel drum are two cars covered in special Color Reveal coating. Fill the drum with water and swirl each car around in it until the water changes color, then pull the car out to reveal the sweet decos hiding underneath! 

Spinforce Target Car Track Game

Pull the motorized cars back and launch them onto the straightaway, through the loop-the-loop, and on to the targets. The Spin Force Target Car Track Game is way more fun than it has any right to be. 

Melissa & Doug Fire Truck

Melissa & Doug is one of the biggest names in the toy biz with a well earned reputation for making solid toys from top quality materials that last and last. The Melissa & Doug Fire Truck is what you’d expect from a fire truck — it has a lifting ladder for rescues from high places, fire-fighter figures, a hose, and knobs to turn. And it's all built to withstand whatever tough play your toddler throws at it.

Luke’s Toy Factory Recycling Truck

Luke’s Toy Factory Recycling Truck is a — well, it’s a recycling truck that you can recycle! It has a modular build that allows you to scramble around the parts. I’ve played with this toy more times than I care to admit.

Paw Patrol True Metal Movie 6 Vehicle Gift Pack

Chase, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, Rubble, and Rocky — all the main players of the patrol are present and accounted for in this gift pack featuring each member of the team in their iconic vehicles! These beautiful die-cast vehicles are a dunk for any Paw Patrol fan.

Paw Patrol Marshall’s Transforming Fire Truck

If you’ve seen PAW Patrol: The Movie — you know what happens to Mayor Humdinger’s fireworks display! Save City Hall with Marshall’s Transforming Fire Truck! Drive to the scene and push the super cool transform button to reveal the water cannon. No job too big; no pup too small!

Paw Patrol Rocky’s Deluxe Reuse-It Truck

Rocky is the resident recycle pup on the Paw Patrol of Adventure Bay and his signature vehicle is the Reuse-It Truck. This toy version is sure delight any fan of the series. 

Paw Patrol Die-Cast Launch Hauler

This toy is totally pawsome! It starts off as a normal hauler truck and opens up to reveal an action packed track play set featuring 3 rescue missions! 

Paw Patrol Mighty Lookout Tower

The OG command center in Adventure Bay, the Mighty Lookout Tower serves as headquarters to everyone’s favorite blue collar bark squad! This toy is 2 feet tall and jam packed with Paw Patrol action. Send the Paw Patrol on their next mission with the launch feature and elevate playtime with lights and sounds from the show!

Paw Patrol The Movie Ultimate City Transforming Tower

One of our picks for the must-have toys for 2021, this is another grand finale gift! If your little one is a fan of the Paw Patrol, you’re not going to top this one. This full featured 3 foot Tower is modeled after the communications tower at the center of Adventure City in Paw Patrol: The Movie! This unbelievable play set includes figures of the pups, Chase’s police car, a light up ramp, a holographic map of the city, an elevator, plenty of surface areas to play with your pups, and sounds to take things up a notch!

Jupiter Creations Robosaur and Robodragon

Kids delight in these awesome radio controlled characters! From the second you see these guys in action, you’ll be smitten. These funny little robo-dudes light up, run around, waggle their tails, and even eat little bugs with their extendo tongues — all controlled by you! Each comes with a controller and discs with bugs on them to eat. The only major difference is the design of the head. 

Air Hogs Stunt Shot

The Air Hogs Stunt Shot is the perfect remote control toy to drive and do tricks with in a small space. It has super soft foam wheels, so you won’t have to worry about gluing a lamp back together and pretending you don’t know what happened when it shatters at a touch like you’re on some kind of ‘90s sitcom. This toy rocks!

Litehawk Mini Blast 2

The Litehawk Mini Blast 2 is a collection of super fast little R/C racers that can reach up to 12 MPH! They’re super speedy, and the rechargeable battery lasts for quite a while. Get a couple of these and race ‘em for pinks — or whatever!

Litehawk Mini Scout

Scout is the indoor/outdoor R/C vehicle of your dreams — it can handle multiple terrains with ease, turn on a dime, and it’s just as fast as its sibling Mini Blast 2. Litehawk has given us a real treat with this one!

Litehawk Rowdy

From the second I saw this thing in action, I had to have one — and you will too! Litehawk Rowdy is like what would happen if you stuck the soul of an ‘80s breakdance champion into a small radio controlled vehicle. The tricks this thing does will blow your mind!

Imaginext DC Superfriends Transforming Batmobile

Riddle me this — What kid doesn’t want to drive the Batmobile? This radio controlled super-car is no joke! It’s fast, steers like a dream, and it transforms into battle mode with a disc shooter at the push of a button — as if that weren’t enough, this Batmobile also comes with a little Batman figure to pilot it! Bad guys of Gotham beware!

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