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If Your Kid Loves Star Wars, They'll Love These Awesome Sci-Fi Toys

Explore the galaxy with these awesome sci-fi toys for anyone who’s ever looked longingly at an X-Wing.

Jack Shepherd


There’s a whole universe of Star Wars gifts for Star Wars fans out there, but even the most devoted aficionado of pod racing, Rathtar smuggling, and diplomatically losing to Wookiees at Dejarik wants to take a break from the galaxy far, far away every now and then. And when they do, they’ll be delighted to find that we’ve got plenty of fun, enriching, and out-of-this-world toys for anyone who likes space, alien creatures, robots, and science, right here on planet Earth. 

The Cosmic Book of Space, Aliens and Beyond!

Learn how to draw things from space, like aliens and galactic sharks, with this super cool space-themed activity book. You’ll be able to populate your own dive bar in Mos Eisley by the time you’re done with this one!

YAY! Glow Galaxy Stars

Affix these glow-in-the-dark stars to your bedroom ceiling and dream that you’re looking up at the clear sky from just outside a Wampa’s cave on the ice-planet Hoth. Actually, that’s probably too cold and dangerous. Let’s imagine you’ve found a nice little clearing on the Forest Moon of Endor.

Thumbs Up UK Discobot

Get the party started with this Disco robot who dances to music from his own speakers and you’ll be having more funky, musical fun than if the Max Rebo Band were playing in your palace on Tatooine! 

Mars Dirt & Moon Dust

Galactically fun, sensory-stimulating moldable sand that keeps your fingers busy and your imagination whirring. Try to make a mini-Death Star fully operational in time for Emperor Palpatine’s visit.

​​Crazy Aaron's Star Dust Cosmic Glow 4" Tin

Crazy Aaron's Star Dust Cosmic Thinking Putty glimmers with rainbow holographic glitter like a mesmerizing alien artifact that you found in a black hole … or at the bottom of a Space Slug’s burrow on an asteroid!

Gift Republic Name a Star

Learn all about the wonders of the night sky and name your very own star with this beautiful, personal gift. We’re not saying you have to name the star Sio Bibble or Jek Porkins, but it would be pretty funny. 

4M Tin Can Robot

An awesome, STEM-friendly robotics kit that you can use to create a fully functional robot friend, just like Anakin did! Just … be careful not to copy everything Anakin did.

Mukikim Tracerbot - Green

This cool little interactive robot companion follows along the lines you draw with a marker so you can create trails and mazes for it to navigate. Much more obedient than a certain Astromech Droid!

Klutz Grow Your Own Crystal Dragon

Grow and modify your very own crystal dragon with this cool STEM kit! If you happen to have some Sand People and a Mandalorian figure handy, you can imagine it’s a Krayt dragon and have an adventure on Tatooine!

NASA Space Shuttle Construction Kit

Build your very own NASA spaceship from this 134-piece set! Just like the Corellian Engineering Corporation built the Millennium Falcon. OK, that’s some pretty deep lore.

Treasure X Monster Playset

For anyone who’s more comfortable in the dingy grime of Jabba’s palace or the dark confines of Lady Proxima’s lair, this Treasure X Monster playset is guaranteed to delight. If you like cool creatures, this one’s full of creepy creature surprises!

Grow An Alien

Tired of waiting for Nien Nunb or Admiral Akbar to come for a visit? Why not grow your own alien with some water and see what emerges!

Stomp Rocket Ultra LED

Run, jump, and STOMP on this 100% kid-powered light-up launcher to send a Stomp Rocket up to 100 feet in the air and destroy the First Order’s stronghold in the Starkiller Base. (We assume that’ll take care of them, anyway. Let us know if you hear from them though!)

7" Die-Cast Pull Back Space Shuttle

Hey, a Star Destroyer is awesome and all, but did you know we’ve got real life spaceships here on Earth? Here’s a beautiful die-cast NASA space shuttle to take pride of place alongside all your other space-faring vehicles.

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Bots, rockets, planets, moons, aliens, and more amazing space stuff to play with for kids who would feel right at home wielding a lightsaber (or piloting a Star Destroyer...hey, we're not about picking sides).