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If Your Kid Likes Slime, They’ll Absolutely Love These Stretchy, Spongy Toys

Here’s a list of awesome moldable, squishable putty toys, sands, doughs, and goops for kids who love to play with slime!

Jack Shepherd

Toys For Kids Who Love Slime

To understand the magical, mystical properties of slime, it helps to be a philosopher — someone who is comfortable with the mind-bending paradox presented by a substance that is both a solid and a liquid. It also helps to be a scientist — someone who is comfortable with fancy-sounding concepts like “non-Newtonian fluids” and “polymers.”

But the best way to understand the endless wonder of slime is to be a kid, who can take all the science and philosophy in stride and get to the real heart of the matter, which is that slime is squishy, stretchy, spongy, and so much fun to play with!

But slime’s not the only magical, moldable goop out there — here’s a fantastic list of putties, doughs, sands, and other gooey goodness that are sure to delight slime lovers!

Mad Mattr

Mad Mattr is a modeling dough that can be shaped into pretty much anything your imagination can conceive of, and its great texture and satisfying stretchiness mean that it’s soothing and calming for little mad scientists to fidget with while they’re dreaming up their next invention. This is a fantastic slime alternative for kids who love to create.

Kinetic Sand

Who would have thought that we would be the lucky ones to live in a future where some genius fixed all of sand’s design flaws? I mean, not to be too harsh on sand, but it gets everywhere, and you have to wait for the tide to come in before you can even attempt to build something with it. Kinetic sand, meanwhile, is a revelation: It’s a squishy, colorful, sensory sensation that kids absolutely love to build with.

Crazy Aaron’s Putties

Crazy Aaron may be off his rocker, but the guy has a real gift for stretchy, springy, stress-relieving putties. Try the awesome holographic putty kit, or get cosmic with the groovy stardust thinking putty. 

Mindware Slime Science Academy

The slime craze got its start in the science lab, and there’s no better way to get back in touch with the educational elements of slime than with Mindware’s Slime Science Academy. Kids can use this kit to make a variety of colorful slimes and learn about the chemistry behind the world’s greatest non-Newtonian fluid while they’re at it! 

Harry Potter Wizarding World Magical Mixtures

Potter’s perfect putty is powerfully pliable! If you’re feeling bored, you can try saying that a few times fast, but you can put your time to much better use by playing with one of these magical mixtures from the wonderful world of wizarding. Try the phosphorescent glow putty, the magical magnetic kind, or the one with the secret messages! 

Open The Joy Clay Kit

Sculpting clay has come a long way over the years, but this Open the Joy Clay Kit may well be its final form. Mold creatures, vehicles, funny faces, or whatever your heart desires, then let them air dry into an awesome new toy you’ve created out of your own imagination!