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These Surprise Toys and Collectibles Are a Present Inside of a Present (Inside of a Present!)

Let the unwrapping continue with the surprise toys your kiddos won’t want to stop unwrapping!

Matt Harvey · about 1 month ago



To the surprise of no one — mystery collectibles are as wildly popular now as they’ve ever been. If you’ve ever witnessed a kiddo open a “whatcha got” toy, you know that there’s nothing like the flash of excitement that happens at the moment of discovery. YouTube is packed with unboxing videos documenting the hype of this particular brand of ah-ha reveals. And the only thing close to the revelatory feeling of unwrapping a carefully packaged secret toy is the checking off of a collectibles checklist. Check off all of the kiddo gifts on your list with these mystery toys and reveal a happy holiday!

World’s Smallest Micro Toy Box

You know that toybox you have in your parent’s basement — the one filled with priceless treasures that shaped your favorite memories of playtime? This is that same toybox, but it’s filled with tiny versions of those same toys. Magic 8 Ball, Rubix Cube, Crocodile Dentist, Viewfinder, Lightbright, and so many more are included in the World’s Smallest Micro Toy Box!

Rainbow High Dolls

Rainbow High is the most colorful campus in town, and you can collect the whole crew! With detailed outfits and accessories, these fashion dolls prove that all you need is a little G.L.A.M (Grit, Love, Action, and Moxie) to make it in the world of high fashion. Collect ’em all!

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors are like re-imagined Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots with a menagerie of champions packing personalities that really punch. Just put your warrior dude on one of the controllers and button mash to victory. Start with the Ultimate Battle Arena and build your stable of fighters with single mystery packs! These little guys are major fun and you’ll want to collect the whole set!

Dig It Up! Dinosaur Eggs

The little paleontologists in your family are really going to dig this Dig It Up! Dinosaur Eggs toy! Reveal 12 dinosaur surprises with the included excavation tools and feel the rush of making a dino discovery on a big dig!

Treasure X Monster Hunters

The Treasure X action continues with the Treasure X Monster Hunters collection! Unravel a new spider web compound and set your monster free! These new figures feature swappable body parts to create your own super monster and of course — TREASURES!

Cry Babies Magic Tears Pink Edition

These little babies are as adorable as they are awesome! You’ll cry tears of joy as you unwrap one of more than 8 exclusive characters, each with their own accessories to get their baby shenanigans started! Lucky new parents will find a bonus accessory!