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The Best Toys and Essentials to Keep You Cool When the Weather Hits 90 Degrees

The goods to help them thrive during the most wicked of scorchers.

Sarah Burns



When it’s super hot out, it’s hard to feel like doing much of anything — let alone go outside where all that burning sun and heat are. Here are the toys and products you’ll want around to help you keep your cool on those days you’re pretty sure the sun is doing its best to kill you.

Sunnylife Shark Attack Bubba Float Friend

This isn’t something you hear everyday, but ... see that shark over there? With all the teeth? Yeah, just go ahead and put your small child right there in the center of its mouth. No, really! This cute and helpful float friend will protect wee ones from the sun while letting them get in some supervised splashy playtime. It’s a fin-tastic way to enjoy the water!

HearthSong Sunshine Inflatable Sprinkler

The sun’ll come out tomorrow! Or today, if you look sharp and get this thing inflated for the kids right away. They can bask in the cooling rays of this sun, as it rains down a tunnel of water through its center. Its sturdy vinyl construction is inflatable, so it’s easy to store when the sun doesn’t come out. So fun, they’ll want to play with it all day … and tomorrow.

Sunnylife Underwater Camera Kasbah

When it’s this hot out, the coolest place to hide is sometimes underwater. It’s always a great time cooling off with friends and fam in the pool, but capturing these memories could spell disaster for your devices. Leave them someplace safe (and dry), and grab this underwater camera, made to go wherever your crew is making a splash! Super Lemon Super Chill Cooler Bag

On a scorching hot day, this cooler is a little slice of heaven! Keep your drinks cold all afternoon, and enjoy some chilled snacks after pool-time. Pro-tip: Store your towel in the bag with cold drinks for a refreshingly chilly drying experience.

Sunnylife Glitter Inflatable Lilo Chair

It’s a chair, it’s a recliner, and it's a glittering oasis for your pool. Grab a cup of whatever suits your fancy, pop it in the cupholder, and lounge with confidence on your sparkling, floating sanctuary. But be warned when you hop off for a quick dip — with a chair like this, there’s always someone waiting to steal your throne!

W&P Porter Water Bottle

Humans can sweat up to 10 liters a day, and when it’s hot out, this can quickly lead to dehydration — so keep this bottle nearby, and remember to hydrate! W&P understands the importance of hydration, reusability, and sustainability. This durable, lightweight glass bottle with protective silicone sleeve is a fantastic alternative to conventional plastic and metal containers. 

Sunnylife Cactus Beach Fan

Holding a cactus in your hands is generally ill-advised, but here’s one your kids won’t want to put down! This personal beach fan cactus will be there with a breeze for them even on the hottest, stillest of days when you can literally see wavy heat lines coming off of everything. 

Lexon Mino X Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Let the kids load up their coolest playlist on the hottest days of summer and pop this floating speaker right into the pool with them. The Lexon Mino X Floating Bluetooth Speaker has an award-winning design and is lauded for its high sound quality. It’s the perfect musical companion for pool parties!

Sunnylife Neon Pool Ring Soakers

A water squirter with unlimited ammo? That’s basically what it feels like when waging water-war with this awesome toy that combines two of the most classic summer accessories. Includes two pool ring soakers — ’cuz taking turns is lame. Plus, kids know it’s more fun to stage a water attack when your opponent can attack back!

GooseEgged Hands Free Ice Packs for Kids

The cutest hands-free way to keep cool. These freezy friends velcro around little heads to help soothe the occasional bump on the noggin, but they don’t need to have a boo-boo to reap their benefits! They’re also the coolest friend to have around when oppressive heat tries to spoil an otherwise pleasant day.  There are three friends to choose from, so let them grab their favorite pal, and chill out!

Updated June 2022.