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Toys for Large Groups, So Everyone Can Play

These are the toys that’ll keep the whole gang entertained!

Sarah Burns

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It’s always a great time when the whole group is down to hang, but it’s an even better time when there’s a toy the entire group can enjoy. Feeling stumped about what to do with the gang at your next get together? Read on, pick your favorites, and grab all your friends, because we’ve rounded up the toys that let everyone in on the action!

Rainbow Scooter

Sure, these brightly-hued scooters are fun on their own, but get a group of them together and suddenly you’ve got a scooter kickball team ready for action! Or maybe a team of synchronized land-swimmers gliding with grace over the pavement is more your speed. It’s more fun with a group, no matter how you roll!

Up We Go Parachute and Ball Combo Pack

Bring this gym class favorite right to your own backyard! This giant parachute has six handles, so you could have a group to hold down the ’chute and a group to chuck some soft toys — like bean bags or foam balls — on top, and watch them spin, and dance around! A classic cooperative group toy that’s one hundred percent kid-powered.

Flexi Forts Fort Building Kit for Kids

Not just a toy, the Flexi Forts Fort Building Kit is a building set that encourages creativity, imagination, and collaboration. Will you build a massive fort and be king of the castle? Astronauts on a spaceship adventure? Conduct the world’s longest train? Get the group together, and work as a team to create something epic!

Hacky Sack

If you went to high school in the late ’90s, there’s a strong chance that you or someone you knew would meet their friend group on the front lawn near the steps before the first bell, circle up, and play some hack. The ’90s are long gone, but this is one simple group toy that can be used almost anywhere, anytime, because it takes up very little space to carry, and play with. Keep the circle tight so you don’t lose the hack, and practice those toe kicks!

Bunch O Balloons

Summer is made for epic water balloon fights with groups of neighborhood kids. This set is ingeniously designed to fill 100 water balloons in under a minute. You don’t even have to deal with trying to tie fiddly bits of slippery wet rubber together, because these babies are self-sealing! Grab the whole gang and wage watery warfare!  

Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Treehouse Wood Swing Set

Turn your backyard into your personal playground with this amazing playhouse/swing set combo. This is the ultimate swing set for a large group of kids because there’s just so much to do! Scale the climbing wall, and take a spin down the twisty slide! Or maybe a flip or two on the trapeze swing is more your style, followed by a game of spinny tic tac toe in the treehouse. With a sturdy cedar construction that can be stained to complement your home, this swing set is built to last so you can make memories with the whole gang for years to come.

Costzon Inflatable Water Slide, 7 in 1 Jungle Water Park

Celebrate summer with all of your friends in a palm-tree-bedecked oasis! Hop around in the jumping area, and pick a slide. Will it be the short one for a quick splash, or the long one for a refreshing sprinkle under the water jets? Land in the high-walled splash pad, blast your friends with the water cannon, shoot some hoops, play around in the ball pit — there are so many ways for the whole group to play and keep cool when the summer’s at its hottest!

Grand Slam Baseball Water Slide

Batter up! But trade in your softball uniform for a swimsuit! Each base is connected by a slide with an archway of water that sprinkles the diamond, keeping it slick, so you can slide into each base like a pro. Set comes with an inflatable kickball, and lightweight plastic baseball bat and ball, so all that’s left is to gather up the group and start picking teams!