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Kid Toy Experts Agree: This Bluey Camper Playset Is a Majorly Fun Move

Playing with the Bluey Caravan Adventure Playset inspired our Kid Toy Experts to create their own fun stories — just like the awesome show it's based on!

Matt Harvey


Bluey is arguably the best cartoon ever made about a family of Australian blue heelers, your four-year-old is likely obsessed with it, and after you’ve caught yourself six episodes deep in an accidental binge sesh — you know why! Bluey is delightful, playful, hopeful, gorgeously animated, and powered by love — and the toy line based on the show is very much the same. 

In the camping episode of the show, Bluey’s family piles into a caravan (what we Yanks would probably call a camper or an RV) and heads out on a ... well, they head out on a camping adventure! While on the trip, Bluey meets a new friend named Jean-Luc who speaks French. Despite the language barrier, Bluey and Jean-Luc find a common language in imaginative play!

With the Bluey Caravan Adventure Playset, kids can re-enact all of their favorite moments of hilarity from the camping episode — like when Bluey dramatically announces that she’s been banished to live in the forest (this is the game she’s decided to play), when her little sister yells that she loves being stinky (she hasn’t had a bath in three days), or when Bluey and Jean-Luc jump on Bluey’s dad because they’re pretending he’s a wild pig they’ve been hunting (farming takes too long and they’re hungry, now)! 

The camper toy itself has plenty of hidden environments to inspire new moments of adventure too: Lift the roof to reveal the fun bunk beds for midnight mischief, cook up some fun by flipping up the side of the caravan to find the kitchen, use the included table and chairs to invite your new friend Jean-Luc to dinner, or use the campfire to tell a spooky story and have a s’more. The set includes the family caravan vehicle, a figure of your new French bestie Jean-Luc, table, chairs, a campfire, a marshmallow on a stick, and a sticker sheet!

The Bluey Caravan Adventures Playset gets an enthusiastic "paws up" from our crack team of Highly Expert Kid Toy Testers, who had fun excitedly opening each compartment of the caravan and making up their own stories. (Put it together with the Bluey Family Cruiser for even more Bluey shenanigans!)