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Brainy Babies Need These 8 Toys That Teach!

Make room for that “Proud Parent Of An Honor Roll Student” bumper sticker!

Sarah Burns · about 1 month ago

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Playtime isn’t all fun and games; it’s serious business. We learn how to problem solve, develop crucial motor skills, and decompress with the help of playtime — and with these toys, you’d better save room for a “Proud Parent Of An Honor Roll Student” bumper sticker.

1. Tegu Pocket Pouch Original Tints


An original spin on traditional wooden building blocks, Tegu blocks are beautifully tinted, magnetized, and made from sustainably sourced hardwoods. Their smooth texture and satisfying *clack* make them easy to build with and hard to put down.

2. Chronicle Little Scientist Book


Board books — for science!  The thick, laminated pages are built for little hands that are still learning how to hold a book. This set contains easy to understand snippets about famous scientists and their influential contributions to society.

3. Fat Brain Dimpl Duo

Fat Brain

Fewer things in life are more satisfying than pressing a big ’ol button, and this board is full of them! Dimpl Duo is a lightweight sensory board with soft silicone buttons kids can press instead of their siblings’. Learn colors on one side, flip it over, and perfect your shape identification skills. A brilliantly simple toy that requires no batteries or set up, is super easy to clean, and perfect on the go.

4. Squigz Building Set 24 Pieces

Squigz Building Set 24 Pieces

A crazy cool construction tool for anyone ages three and up, Squigz uses suction cup tech to stick to one another, and any smooth surface. Build a Dr. Seuss-style cityscape, or adorn yourself in bright, chunky jewelry, before breaking it all apart with a pleasing *pop*!

5. Fat Brain SpinAgain

Fat Brain

A gravity-driven kaleidoscope of swirling colors, the SpinAgain is an upgrade from your classic stacking toy. Six mandala disks spin down the corkscrew center. Stacked by size, they form a classic Roy G. Biv, but their shapes are also ideal for sorting and developing pattern recognition. Pop the center from the base, and let them all clunk to the ground to start over — fun no matter how you stack ’em!

6. KidKraft Push Along Play Cart


Push it, pull it, stack it, sort it — there’s so many ways to play! Sturdy wheels and handling help practice balance, while easy to grab, chunky shapes clunk into corresponding holes in the wood base. Play a tune on the bells, learn some colors, and take the animal friends on the side for a ride!

7. Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano

Melissa & Doug

Mozart wrote his first minuet at five, but his harpsichord wasn’t nearly as adorable as this toddler sized piano. This small spinet features two full octaves, a sturdy wood frame indicative of the Melissa & Doug brand, and notes corresponding with each key just like the real thing, so you’ll actually be learning the keyboard while you record “Baby Shark” covers for your Bandcamp followers. 

8. Kid Made Modern Gem Jackpot Crayons

Kid Made Modern

Drawing is delightful with these diamonds! Kid Made Modern offers a treasure trove of vibrant gemstones fascinating faceted shapes perfect for developing dexterity while making priceless works of art.