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Meet the Building Toy Our Kid Toy Testers Didn't Want to Put Down

Blocks that move, connect, squish, AND play in the bathtub? What sorcery is this? It's not magic — it's Blockaroos.

CAMP Stores


Blockaroos are squishy, magnetic blocks designed by teachers, so you KNOW they're smart. With a satisfying "click," these sturdy shapes come together to make anything you can imagine, from robots to rocket ships! And thanks to the magnetic ratcheting gizmos on each block, you can make stuff that moves without having to worry about your masterpiece crumbling at a whisper. (Our expert kid toy tester gives that feature an enthusiastic "I like that.")

Plus, this is one robot who's not afraid of getting wet, since Blockaroos float AND are dishwasher safe! We think they're the perfect block buddies for any adventure — bathtime, the backyard, and those long car rides to Grandma’s. Our expert kid toy tester agrees.

CAMP Kids Play With...Blockaroo!