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Warning: This Toy Might Make Your Kiddo a Rock Star

Our expert toy reviewers played with the Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio — and discovered it not only rocks, it makes cat noises, too.

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Our expert team of toy testers gave the Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio a test drive and gave it two enthusiastic dancing thumbs up. But be warned: This toy may induce dancing, boogying, rocking, and head-wagging.

With this set, kids can pump up the volume with four different instrument modes, 18 awesome sound effects, a tempo slider, and a built-in turntable for record-scratching action that would make Grand Wizard Theodore proud!

Imagine the joy a music-loving kid will have scratching up the turntables as the tiniest of DJs! Actually, wait — you don't need to imagine, just watch our toy testers get funky with it...

CAMP Kids Play With...The Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio