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CAMP's Most-Favorite, Fabulous Gifts for Literally Anyone

Here are our top can’t-fail gifts that will delight pretty much anyone on your list.

Jack Shepherd · 2 months ago

TopGifts (1)

Want to turn your next White Elephant party into an episode of Game of Thrones where guests vie furiously to be the one who ends up with your gift? Want to make your holiday dinner into a royal court where each nervous guest hopes against hope that you have deigned to favor them with a present as generous as the last one you bestowed upon the retinue? Of course you do! And with this list of affordable, guaranteed home-run gifts for anyone who likes nice things, you can fulfill your destiny and become the revered King or Queen of the Holidays this year. Here are CAMP's favorite holiday gifts that absolutely can’t fail. 

’90s Bingo

Whatever lucky person you give this nostalgic Bingo set to will immediately make the Macauley Culkin Home Alone face and then say “” in a perfect “Comic Book Guy” from The Simpsons voice, and surely that will be reward enough for your generosity.   

The Golden Girls Puzzle

It is well known to scholars that the answer to any major philosophical puzzle is contained somewhere within the 180 episodes of The Golden Girls. So why not return the favor to Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia by helping someone to assemble their own puzzle featuring the girls’ beautiful, shining faces.  

Lizzo Coloring Book

As Virgil was to Dante when he first stepped through the dark wood of his life into The Inferno, Lizzo will be your guide through a wonderful world of colorable fantasies in this magical coloring book. Except, unlike Dante’s Inferno, this coloring book is pleasant and fun. And it has 35 colorable pages instead of 7 circles. Sorry for this metaphor, nothing about it works except Lizzo, who always works.

Do You Look Like Your Dog Memory Game

Why do people look like their dogs? Is it because we choose pups who share our style and general aesthetic? Or is it something more profound, like we were meant to be? Something to really ponder as you make someone smile with this utterly charming memory game.

Smartphone Projector

Give this certifiably nifty little gift to someone arty and tell them it’s for projecting designs for them to paint over, even though they’re totally going to use it to endlessly watch Tik-Toks with their friends. Both genuinely good uses of time, frankly!

Soiree Diamond Glasses (Set of 2)

These shockingly cool glasses look like diamonds, they stand at a jaunty angle, and they can be filled with anything you like but probably a nice whiskey? And there’s two of them so you can have two glasses at once!! Oh, wait. I’m hearing that’s so you can share with a friend. But you do you. 

Autocomplete: The Game

People, it turns out, ask Google some truly weird and wild questions. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to guess exactly what those questions are in exactly 60 seconds. Turns out it’s extremely funny. 

Funwares Pinball Pint Glass

All you naysayers who’ve been claiming that “drinking a beer with friends is the most fun you can have and it can’t possibly be improved on as an activity” are going to be eating your words now! And hopefully washing them down with a nice pint while you play this hilariously fun drinking-game-in-a-glass. 

Dad Dancing Book

Top Dad scientists spent years studying their inscrutable subjects to create this funny informative guide to dad behavior in the wild. This book won’t help dads be any less embarrassing, but it’ll help you to understand why they do the things they do.

Karaoke Soap On a Rope

If you sing the world’s greatest acapella karaoke song in the shower and there’s nobody around to hear it, did it really happen? I’m not qualified to answer that question, and this microphone-shaped soap isn’t even really going to help, but it sure does amplify the fun of singing in the shower.

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