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Camp’s Top Toys of the Week for April 12th

Here at Camp, we're pretty focused on fun. Our team is always looking for unique finds, hot trends, and the very best toys and gifts for families. That's why we're sharing some of the new toys we're most excited about, and we hope you like them too.

Graham Steinberg · 9 months ago

Thanks for checking out our product recommendations! Just a heads-up, Camp may make some money if you shop from any of the external links on this page. Pricing and availability may have changed since this page was published.

Green ArticleHeader 1920x1080 (1)


“PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!” You’ve heard it a million times whenever you’re just past the magic door at our Camp stores, and one of the kids sees the newest LEGO set or Frozen doll that they’ve been talking about all week. When they have earned a treat, get them one of these toys they have been BEGGING for.

1. LEGO Avengers Ultimate Quinjet

76126 alt7


It was the Avengers’ main ride when battling Ultron, and Bruce Banner used it to escape to Sakaar. Now, the Quinjet is back, and the Avengers are wearing the signature Quantum Realm suits that made my jaw drop during Endgame. This set includes Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, 2 Chitauri, and (my personal favorite) Rocket.

2. Rainbow High Fashion Dolls

MGAE Rainbow-High-Fashion-Doll Group-Shot

MGA Entertainment

Tired of those glum high school uniforms? Got no time for grey and brown? Neither do the girls of Rainbow High, where fashion isn’t just about what you wear, it’s who you are. Each of these girls has their color of choice in their name. Collect Skyler, Jade, Sunny, Poppy, and Ruby!

3. The Original PlasmaCar



Oh man, I loved this one as a kid. My friends and I used to take a couple of them and race them down my street. All it takes is a little centrifugal force, and off you go! The PlasmaCar is an easy-to-operate ride-on that works indoors and outdoors. Even the grown-ups can have some fun on this one (I know that I still do).

4. Paw Patrol Dino Rescue Patroller

If there is one thing that kids these days are going practically rabid over it’s Paw Patrol. Now they can take their favorite search-and-rescue dogs back to the age of the dinosaurs with the Dino Patroller, Paw Patrol’s first-ever motorized vehicle!

5. Disney Frozen II Singing Anna Doll

718BK7cd3CL. AC SL1500


Your kids will certainly not be letting this one go. Oh, shoot, wrong movie! Press the button on this Anna doll, and she will sing a bit of “The Next Right Thing” from the hit sequel in the Frozen series.

6. LEGO The Child

81OLj4rb7IL. AC SL1500


Listen, I need everyone to stop calling him “Baby Yoda” and “The Child.” It’s Grogu. This is canon, people! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. Anyway, this Mandalorian-themed set combines two things kids are constantly obsessing about: Star Wars and LEGO. It is one of their more intricate sets and is perfect for advanced builders.

7. Monster Jam Mega Grave Digger

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Spin Master

As all monster trucks should be, this RC is MASSIVE. Its hardcore suspension and wheels that are practically the size of beach balls will allow it to glide over any obstacle and plow through all terrains.

8. Creatable World Deluxe Character Kit

251724617-cw bg19 lifestylephoto 340-w


Your kids will love to create stories with these inclusive dolls that they customize with various mix-and-match clothing and accessories. A whole new world of play will open up as they create characters that genuinely look like them.

9. Peek-A-Boo Blue

JustPlay peekablue featured


Blues Clues, the childhood institution from the ‘90s, is back and ready for a whole new generation of little ones! This Blue loves to play and interact with children. Just squeeze her paw, and she will come alive!

10. Love to Hug Elmo

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Now for round two of the huggable come-alive characters from our toddler’s favorites; this Love to Hug Elmo lives up to his name. He is a hugging addict! And, if you give him one, he will reward you with a song, a cute message, or even a kiss!

11. SpinForce Target Car Track Game

11. SpinForce Target Car Track Game


Send your car down the track, through the loop, and land it in the correct bucket to earn points. Part Hot Wheels set, part dart game, this set will have your kids begging to do trick shots with the family Volvo.

12. LEGO Trolls Pop Village Celebration

81IIRmvwJyL. AC SL1500


You thought we were done with LEGO on this list, didn’t you? Well, I promised to share what the kids are begging for these days and they’re always going to be begging for more LEGO. That combined with the phenomenon that is Trolls, and you have yourself the ultimate gift for the truly cultured child.

13. Odyssey Turbo Runner NX Quadcopter

Ever since the Wright Brothers invented their flying machine, humanity has been obsessed with taking to the skies. This dream extends to the littlest humans, who are always begging for airborne toys. This quadcopter will get them one step closer to that dream and is small enough that it can have excellent maneuverability indoors too.

14. KidCraft Bianca City Life Dollhouse



This dollhouse will let your kids play out their dreams of exposed brick and retro lighting features for the aspiring urbanite. Complete with three residential and first-floor retail levels, this will make them feel like they have just been plopped in the middle of downtown L.A.

15. Sphero Mini

MiNiLifeHR-6669 GALLERY 800x


This simplistic round robot will be your kid's codable best friend. This little guy is packed with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and tons of LED lights that can be customized and messed with in any way imaginable.