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Camp’s Top Toys of the Week for May 3rd

Here at Camp, we're pretty focused on fun. Our team is always looking for unique finds, hot trends, and the very best toys and gifts for families. That's why we're sharing some of the new toys we're most excited about, and we hope you like them too.

Graham Steinberg · 5 months ago

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Heeral Chhibber / Camp

Sometimes gifts are for just one of us, but the perfect toy can also bring us all together. These are the ones that are too good not to share with your sibling — or even your parents, if they’re in the mood for the best family game night ever (and who isn’t?). These paired play products are ones we sure can’t wait to get our hands on.

Better in Pairs


New York Times / LEGO

Here’s a couple of options that go together like peanut butter and pickles (you’d be surprised). These Frozen dolls and LEGO cars are 100 percent jealousy-free because you and your best buddy or favorite sibling will each have a unique style to call your own.

Maileg Sibling Dolls



We absolutely love Maileg stuffed animals here at CAMP. These beautiful, simple dolls are made out of high-quality fabrics that are guaranteed to last a generation. They have all the sweet, sleek Scandinavian style of an IKEA catalog spread, and now they come in perfect pairs for siblings. 

Two-Player Games

two player games


Are you ready to compete for supremacy of your dining room table? Well, any one of these games is perfect for a one-on-one battle of wits, strength, and power against mom or dad. From Guess Who to Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots, these are the classics they grew up with too, so you best bring your A-game.

Enough to Share



Sometimes two isn’t enough and the whole gang needs to get in on the fun! Whether its arts and crafts, accessories, cars, or STEM projects, these packs have more than enough to go around! 

Matching Sets

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It’s happened to everybody: your sibling gets that awesome new toy and you want it for yourself. Well, not it exactly, just something ... similar. Or maybe, you and your bestie want something to show off your forever friendship. Either way, these matching sets of pillows and color-in capes are perfect for those of us who want to share the love.

Older and Younger Combos


Learning Resources

We’re not all the same age and we’re not all going to be ready for the same toy at the same time. That’s where these come in. Younger and older siblings will love being able to get in on art and coding together, but each kit is perfect for their different age groups.

Start a Family Band



It’s time for you, mom, dad, and your siblings to channel your inner Jonas and start a family band with these instruments. We’ve picked out some of our favorites that will come together in the perfect symphony of good times!


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Crazy Forts

WHAT’S GONNA WORK? Get ready for the challenge of your life with your whole family by your side. These games, puzzles, and building kits are perfect for working together, figuring things out, and having fun!