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If Your Kid Loves Hot Wheels, They'll Love These Cars, Tracks, and Vehicle Toys

Is your kiddo feeling the need for speed? Let them go for a spin with these vehicle and race track sets that aren’t Hot Wheels, but still burn rubber!

Owen Cluer

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Whether they’re being guided around a play rug, turned into projectiles, or blasting off from the banisters, toy cars are as versatile as they are numerous. 

While much-loved Hot Wheels may immediately jump to mind, they’re not the only car toy in the race. Here are some high-octane alternative vehicle toys and race tracks that will drive your kids' imaginations as well as their love of fun!

SpinForce Target Car Track Game

There’s no drag in this lightning-fast racing game! Small friends can challenge your friends to see who can catch the most air with their cars, propelling them through a loop-the-loop and into the bullseye. They can raise the stakes with a point-based card game, or just enjoy flying their racers into the target (and not the walls!). This is definitely what the team from Fast & the Furious plays with on their downtime. 

New York City Official Vehicle Set

This die-cast metal car set is the real deal: Officially licensed by the Big Apple itself, each vehicle is accurately modeled after the heavy-duty cars and trucks that keep the city moving. Transform the living room into a vast metropolis and go cruising around table-leg skyscrapers and cookie-crumb pot holes! (Does this make the dog King Kong?)

Jupiter Creations SpinForce Globe

On your marks, get set, globe! Kiddos can challenge friends to a high octane clash of the cruisers. This unique track sends race cars head-to-head in a whirling spherical centrifuge (say that three times fast). The last car still spinning wins! Two cars enter...and two cars still leave, but only one car leaves victorious! And yeah, neither driver has insurance.

Melissa & Doug Car Carrier Truck & Wooden Toy Set

This innovative and sturdy wooden car and carrier set is ready to roll for the long haul! The carrier truck is accompanied by four colorful companion cars, and has a smooth, interactive loading feature that makes carting these cruisers around loads of fun! (And makes post-playtime storage a breeze.)

PAW Patrol: The Movie True Metal Vehicles

Bring all the favorite PAW Patrol characters straight from the movie, and into the playroom with these authentically detailed True Metal vehicles that look just the way they do on the big screen! 

LiteHawk Mini Crusher

Don’t be fooled by its small size — the LiteHawk Mini Crusher will roll over anything in its way! This fast and durable remote control car is red, rechargeable, and ready to rumble!

Luke’s Toy Factory Recycling Truck

The first thing that comes to mind with toy cars: Speed. But there’s another important word that starts with S, and that’s sustainability! Luke’s Toy Factory developed a fun, interactive, and educational spin on the classic toy truck, made from repurposed organic fibers and recycled plastic. This fully mobile truck can be taken apart and reassembled for play and to provide a valuable introductory lesson about recycling. The truck also comes with colorful, kid-friendly flashcards about the environment and renewability. Kids will probably be more interested in vrooming the truck around the floor than the flashcards, but hey! It’s a win either way. 

PAW Patrol Launch ‘N Haul Patroller Transforming Track Set

With the Launch ‘N Haul Patroller Track Set, you can take the PAW Patrol’s exploits on the road! Like all Pupmobiles, this carrier is more than meets the eye — the patroller truck opens up into a world of PAWsome adventure, with a race track and three missions only the PAW Patrol can handle: stop a raging fire, save a bear from an avalanche, and give good ole’ Robo Dog a tune-up! In addition to all the action, the Patroller can also hold up the seven True Metal PAW Patrol vehicles (sold separately) so you can get your favorite pup pals in on the fun!

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