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Colorful, Magical Rainbow Gifts for Kids

If your child's favorite color is rainbow, these gifts, toys, and crafts are better than a pot of gold!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

Chalk Rainbow


We sent out an expedition to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and came up short ... but we did find these magical rainbow-themed gifts! Experience the magic of these multi-colored natural phenomena in the form of crafts, dolls, bagels (yes, bagels), puzzles, and more. Whether you're shopping for a self-professed rainbow lover, a special someone with a colorful personality, or perhaps yourself, there's a rainbow-themed gift that is sure to brighten up everyone's day!

Lego Rainbow Bricks 1000-Piece Puzzle

Who knew Legos and puzzles would be such a perfect fit? Challenge yourself, or enlist the whole fam for a puzzling experience in the brightest and happiest colorway there is – and it won’t hurt your foot if you step on a piece.

Rainbow High Dolls

Highly posable, and sporting the wildest, stylish accessories, the tweens from Rainbow High are serving up looks like the fashion pros. Rainbow High dolls are all about experimenting with bright colors, bold styles, and celebrating self-expression.

Rainbow High Color Changing Car

This amazing color changing car starts out white, then turns any color at the push of a button. Change colors to match your Rainbow High dolls’ lewks, or cycle through them all for the most colorful road trip ever.

Kinetic Sand Rainbow Mix Set

Mix, match, mold, and make all kinds of kinetic sand creations. It's a mix-it-yourself sensory play kit with three primary colors to experiment with. Includes a satisfying sand slicer, stamps, and molds perfect for layering colors for the most vivid of sand castle creations. 

FCTRY Unicorn Snot Holographic Lip Glitter Kit

It’s a scientific fact that Unicorn Snot varies in color (depending on the unicorn, and its regular diet), so why limit yourself to just one color? Indulge in the full glittering rainbow of snot colors with the FTCY Unicorn Snot Lip Glitter kit, so you can choose a color for every mood.

Klutz My STEAM Color Lab

Colorful experiments for bright future scientists. This multi-hued hand-on kit is filled with science experiments and potential discoveries. Your child can create color changing-chemical reactions, construct a lava lamp, or plan out their next project using DIY chalk!

Rainbow Bagel Making Kit

Rainbows you can eat? Sign us up! The Farm Steady Rainbow Bagel Making Kit lets your family make bagels that are as fun to create as they are to eat — and admire! The kit comes with everything your family needs to rope, loop, and bake your own rainbow bagels.

Magformers Rainbow 30-Piece Set

Know a future architect who also happens to love rainbow colors? The Magformers Rainbow Set is the gift they didn't know they needed. Featuring 30 unique magnetic shapes that connect to form colorful structures – this set can easily be combined with other magnetic building sets to create unique, large-scale creations in rainbow colors. 

Rainbow Trifecta Cross-Stitch Kit

We’re pretty sure humanity's love of rainbows is stitched into our DNA, and the Rainbow Trifecta Cross Stitch Kit takes that love of rainbows to a whole new level. Based on a painting of the same name, the Rainbow Trifecta kit comes with everything you and your child need to create the ultimate room decoration for any rainbow-lover, including 14-count white fabric, 100% cotton embroidery floss in 10 colors, a wood embroidery hoop, a tapestry needle, and an instructional diagram.

Rainbow Yoga Joes

These GI Joes come in peace — and in rainbow colors! A multi-color spectrum of Yoga Joe figures performing various yoga poses is the kind of military-grade tranquility we didn’t know we needed.

Tulip Rainbow 5-Color Tie-Dye Kit

If you could capture happiness in a T-shirt, we’re pretty sure it would look just like this! Create a rainbow-colored tee using our very own 5-Color Tie-Dye Kit along with our signature Camp White Tee (sold separately). Featuring non-toxic dyes and easy squeeze bottles, you and your child will have a blast making this colorful fashion statement and wearing it, too!

Rainbow Scratch Paper Stickers

There’s a whole universe out there, and it’s filled with color. Discover what lies beneath the surface of eeBoo’s Rainbow & Friends Scratch Paper Stickers!  Your rainbow-loving kiddo can use a bamboo stick to scratch the surface to reveal 108 colorful stickers in various shapes and designs.

Roll-Up Rainbow Piano

Now anyone can play the rainbow! Rock out, then roll up the Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano, a soft piano pad that is portable and flexible so kids can play it anywhere, even outdoors! The color-coded keys and instruction book teach young players how to play complete songs, plus record and play back colorful, musical masterpieces.

Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab

This thoughtful gift is extra sweet! Kids can make their own gummy candy in the shape of rainbows and unicorns with the Thames & Kosmos Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab, and wow friends with their candy-making skills!

Bari Lynn Faux-Fur Rainbow Bag

A playful bag featuring rainbow colors and a fun pom pom trim is the perfect companion for stylish rainbow lovers. Fuzzy, functional, and fabulous, this faux fur bag by Bari Lynn is super versatile! The top zips to close, so no need to worry about losing your pot of gold. 

Yellow Owl Workshop RGB/CMYK Earrings

This stunning 22k gold cloisonne earring set features a unique color wheel design sure to match any wardrobe with ease, and delight the color enthusiasts in your world. 

Scratch and Sketch Unicorn Adventure

Escape away into a world of unicorn magic! Art-loving young rainbow fans can scratch away at the design, or create their own unique doodle to uncover a swirling rainbow. It’s a relaxing, creative, and engaging pastime, full of vibrant colors, and dazzling metallics.