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Put the Directions Aside and Create Your Own LEGO Masterpiece

Kids can become the Master Builders they were always meant to be with these cool, easy LEGO ideas that don't require an instruction booklet!

Brian Sandstrom

Cool Easy Lego Ideas to Build

Heeral Chhibber

LEGOs are the ultimate building blocks of the imagination! With their unlimited building possibilities and combinations, kids — and grownups — can create almost anything they can imagine.

Still, sometimes those hundred-page instruction booklets and bins of spare pieces can be daunting even for the most imaginative of builders. For those moments when creativity doesn’t strike, put down the instructions, grab some extra blocks, and follow this guide to find inspiration for a truly original LEGO masterpiece.

Whether kids are looking to build a mini world or you want to bring the entire family together for a giant metropolis, these ideas will have the whole family feeling like playroom architects and Master Builders.



A Few Ways to Shake Up the Old LEGO Box

  1. 1.

    Don’t have the "right" blocks for a build? Time to throw those traditional color rules out the little tiny plastic window! Who says spaceships can’t be all the colors of the rainbow? Why does grass have to be green? Encourage kids to think outside the LEGO box for unique color combinations that express their creativity.

  2. 2.

    Get a little weird. Remind your kids that their creations are not meant to look like professional LEGO sets — and that's exactly what's so great about them.

  3. 3.

    Try to use pieces in new ways! The tree branch makes a great arm, stairs could make for solid legs, and wheels could be hypnotizing eyes!

  4. 4.

    Winging it is great — but sometimes a little planning is half the fun. Try using graph paper to plan out a build in advance, filling in the boxes like they are LEGO blocks!

Inspiring Ideas for LEGO Builds

1. Robot

Lego Robot

Heeral Chhibber

This classic is great for beginners to build sticking to classic block shapes. Try grabbing some new pieces to really make it unique, like wheels for feet, a speaker in its tummy, or lasers blasting out of its eyes!

2. Secret Lair

What specific rooms does your secret base have? A control room? Top-secret weaponry stash? Garage with your best vehicles? Can you conceal a secret somewhere, such as a trap door or hidden treasure? This is a perfect build to do as a family — each person creates a top-secret room before working together to combine the rooms you built!

3. Alien Village

Lego Alien

Heeral Chhibber

What pieces look out of this world? Maybe try neon colors or building a rainbow alien with huge eyes! Can you build a rocket ship attacking the village?

4. Underwater Temple

Can you use multiple shades of blue to give the water dimension? Maybe build a cascading waterfall!

5. Movie Theater

What pieces can you combine to create a giant screen? Build some seats and your favorite mini figures can enjoy your film!

6. Sky Castle

Lego Sky Castle

Heeral Chhibber

How can you make it look afloat? Prop up a castle on pillars? Build clouds around the bottom?

7. Blocky Minecraft Village

Bring your favorite video game to life in LEGOs! Can you make the ender dragon?

8. Active Volcano

Lego Volcano

Heeral Chhibber

What pieces could you use to look like flowing lava? Is there a lava monster on the volcano?

9. Mysterious Monster

Can you create moving jaws? What pieces make for the perfect class of tails?

10. Half Pirate Ship Half Race Car

The ultimate sea and land combination, this will get creative juices flowing as you build up masts onto your speedster. Throw a beard on a mini figure for the perfect pirate.

LEGO Idea Generator

Looking for an extra funny challenge? Grab a die and use this table to create your own randomized LEGO idea! Roll the die for each column of the table, and then try and build your new super silly challenge.

Lego Idea Generator Chart

LEGO Family Game

bonneval-sebastien-lG-6 ox UXE-unsplash

Bonneval Sebastien / Unsplash

Grab a friend or get the whole family together and try out this fun game idea: Without coming up with a plan beforehand and without speaking, take turns placing only one block at a time. Watch as your combined imaginations come together for a unique build!

If you read this list and you still aren’t sure what to build — don't panic. Just dive into your LEGO box and don’t even worry about the big master plan. Start collecting pieces that grab your eye, and put them together randomly. These new funky shapes could be the start of your next grand LEGO adventure. Watch as your bin of mix-and-match pieces come together to form your most ingenious construction yet!