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Cool Stuff That Actually Helps You Do Homework

These nifty gadgets and tools will help you stay organized and focused — so you can finish up that homework and go play!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

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We all need a little help with homework sometimes, and that help can come in all kinds of forms. From thinking putty to fidget toys to erasable pencils and pens, these little desk additions are homework game-changers! Because if we can make homework more fun and even a smidge easier, we say, sign us up.

Ooly Unmistakeables Erasable Colored Pencils

There's no need to scrap that masterpiece you've been working on and start again from scratch when coloring with these babies! Now any mistakes can be completely erased, so your masterpiece is flawless every time. 

Crazy Aaron's Super Scarab Illusions Thinking Putty

Got writer’s block? Get your creative juices flowing with fan-favorite Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. This magical blob of fun provides a wonderful sensory experience that is known to relieve stress, act as an attention aid, and even assist in physical therapy for the wrists and hands. Not to mention, this variety of thinking putty in the color Super Scarab is absolutely spellbinding. Check out the other super-cool colors here!

OMG Pop Tie Dye Dinosaur Fidget Toy

Are you a self-professed fidgeter? Remain focused on your homework and keep your hands busy with this helpful T. Rex. These bubble-popping fidget toys come in many varieties, including a rocket and rainbow cloud, too!

Kid O A to Z Magnatab

Writing each letter in the alphabet is now an exciting sensory experience! The Kid O A to Z Magnatab provides little learners with a sensory-reinforced experience when writing out their ABCs. Follow the directional lines, use the magnetized pen to trace over the letters, and the beads will pop to the surface with an audible click to reveal the shape. Once your little one has conquered letters, let them give numbers a shot with the Kid O 0-9 Magnatab learning tool.

NPW Unicorn Mini Erasers

Erase mistakes, just like magic! This set features 12 mini unicorn erasers, plus rainbow, cupcake, and star erasers, so you'll never be without an eraser when you need to get rid of a homework mishap ASAP. 

KnockPad: To Do

Staying on top of homework is a lot easier when you write a to-do list. Sort your tasks by priority on the KnockPad: To Do. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off things from your list once they’re complete!

Ooly Fab Fountain Pens

To produce truly fabulous penmanship, every great writer needs a fabulous pen. These easy to use fountain pens should inspire your next masterpiece: Each of the four pens features a fine tip, so you are always ready to write in refined style!

Time for You Sand Timer

When you've hit a brick wall with homework, sometimes it helps to take a break. That tricky math problem can suddenly look a whole lot simpler after you step away from it to clear your head. The Time for You Sand Timer is the perfect way to check in with yourself and breathe for just five minutes — which could be all the time you need to spark some progress!

Ooly Switch-Eroo Color Changing Markers

Homework suddenly got a lot more exciting with the Ooly Switch-Eroo Color Changing Markers! Just when you think they’re regular markers, you apply the mystery color change marker (white tip) to your handiwork and see the colors transform before your very eyes. Add these pens to your pencil case to spark some magic in your homework routine. 

Speak & Spell

Every young spelling bee champ in the making has to start somewhere! This retro favorite teaches kids how to spell over 200 commonly misspelled words. Play games, take on challenges, and get a kick out of its signature robotic speech synthesizer, all while learning how to spell bedder — er, better.