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Creatable World Dolls Break the Mold Kids Never Really Fit Into Anyway

6 reasons to love the dolls that encourage kids to play like kids.

Sarah Burns


After extensive focus-group testing and research efforts concerning the types of toys kids want to play with, the toy experts at Mattel discovered something that kids inherently know, but that’s still surprising to many adults: Kids don’t really care if a toy is a “boy” toy, or a “girl” toy, so long as the toy is fun. 

What makes something fun? Humans enjoy activities that speak to us emotionally, pique our curiosity, and give our brains a little workout — things like solving puzzles, creating, building, and using our imaginations. Scientists have long stressed the importance of toys like dolls, stuffed animals, and action figures because they help kids grow emotionally and verbally, and because they aid in developing problem-solving skills by encouraging acting out scenarios and playing pretend. Kids don’t play this way because they know it’ll help them become well adjusted adults — they’re just playing because it’s fun. 

Creatable World Deluxe Character Kits are an open invitation to play, however a kid likes to play. Here’s why we love this toy, and why you’re going to love it too!

They Invite EVERYONE to Play

Creatable World knows the world is full of unique characters, and it invites them all to play with the hashtag #allwelcome. Their message of inclusivity is reflected in the numerous non-gendered accessories, clothing, and hair styles, as well as the character’s adolescent build, which makes it easier for kids to identify with their new friend.

They Know Representation Is Important


If you grow up never seeing people who look similar to yourself, the message you’re going to learn is that you don’t matter enough to be included, or that you don’t belong. That’s one reason why representation is so important. 

Creatable World has six different Deluxe Character Kits, in a variety of skin tones and hair textures. Each doll has a short hair style, as well as a long wig for multiple looks ranging from super straight locks, to glorious curls, to beautiful microbraids. Kids can create mini versions of themselves, all their friends, and whole new personalities yet to be invented!

They’re Super Fashionable and Come With a Closet of Quality Clothing and Accessories


Let’s talk fashion, and how you’re absolutely going to be jelly of some of these outfits (paint-splattered overalls, I’m lookin’ at you!). The clothes and accessories are fun, colorful, and really well made. We’re talking quality clothes, with real working zippers, snaps, and velcro — helpful for kids just getting the hang of dressing themselves — and reinforced serged seams meant to withstand being ripped off a character by a 6-year-old, so they can excitedly create a brand new look, again and again.

Each pack comes with 12-14 accessories, including shoes, glasses, and outerwear — and that doesn’t even include the shirt and underwear set they’re wearing right out of the box. Even the backpacks and purses are functional, capable of holding all the teeny essentials your new character friend might need. With just one kit, you can create over a hundred different looks!

They Can Really Strike a Pose


What’s the fun of getting decked out in your coolest duds if you can’t strut a little? Sure, you’ll have to help your character find their angles, just like any good friend does, but with articulated shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, neck, and hips, you can work out dance moves together, practice yoga positions, or just stand there and chill — without falling over!

They Play Well With Others


Creatable World characters are compatible with most popular doll clothing and accessories, so if you’re adding to an existing doll collection, you’ll discover there’s plenty of opportunity to discover new ways of playing with your old toys! Barbie clothes (particularly Skipper’s stuff) will fit your Creatable World Character pretty well, as will most Bratz and Monster High clothes, although they’re longer in the torso, so the dresses might fit more like shirts on your Creatable World Character.

They Help Teach Self-Love, and Crucial Social Skills



Having a variety of clothes, accessories, and wigs might not sound like a huge deal — kids change their dolls' clothes all the time, right? The difference is the non-gendered way the clothing and accessories are presented; Creatable World doesn’t color code their clothes; they’re just cool clothes that anyone could wear. This teaches kids that it’s OK to experiment with clothes, and how they look, while also normalizing other people who look or dress differently from them. They’re learning self acceptance and acceptance of others, and this helps kids grow up to be confident, emotionally secure, and kind adults.