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Create A Mini Arcade With These 25 Retro Video Game Gifts

Transport yourself straight to the ’80s with these retro tabletop and video games!

Brian Sandstrom · about 1 month ago

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Transport yourself straight to the ’80s with these retro tabletop and video games! Start your own collection, and before you know it you’ll feel like you’re playing through a private mini arcade. Wargames VHS not included.


1. Tiny Arcade Pac-Man

Arcade Classics

This tiny Pac-Man game is a miniature replica of the classic arcade cabinet. Put it next to the following Mini Zoltar and Desktop Skee-Ball and imagine you’re walking down the tiniest of boardwalks.

2. Mini Zoltar

Unfortunately this Mini Zoltar fortune teller won’t make you “Big,” but it’s guaranteed to put a nostalgic smile on your face. Warning: Fortunes may or may not come true — just double check if he’s plugged in.

3. Desktop Skee-Ball

Running Press

While there aren’t any tickets to be won, this pint-sized Skee-Ball will still bring out your competitive side. Read through the included play instructions for some tips and then flick your way to victory!

4. Basic Fun Mini Arcade Games Frogger

Basic Fun

Jump, hop, skip — anything to avoid the passing cars. This classic arcade Frogger looks and sounds just like you remembered. Guaranteed to bring you nostalgia from your childhood and still make you angry about how hard this simple game can be.

5. TMNT Pinball

COWABUNGA! This fully functional electronic TMNT pinball machine fits right in the palm of your hand. Order a piping hot pizza, grab your friends, and challenge each other to see who can defeat Shredder.

6. Tiger Electronics Sonic Edition

Tiger Electronics

Based on the original Sonic from the ’90s, this handheld beauty is the perfect introduction to video games. With six levels to complete before defeating Dr. Eggman, you won’t find any better game for a road trip.

7. Tiger Electronics X-Men Edition

Tiger Electronics

Combining new technology with this X-Men classic creates the perfect storm (pun intended) for retro gamers. Gear up as Cyclops and blast your way through evil mutants like Juggernaut and Apocalypse.

8. Tiger Electronics Transformers Edition

Tiger Electronics

More than meets the eye, this tiny Transformers game is great for any retro fanatic or beginning gamer. Transport yourself back to 1990 and help Optimus Prime himself fight through 4 levels to take down Starscream once and for all … or until you replay the game.

9. Tiger Electronics Little Mermaid Edition

Tiger Electronics

Join us under the sea for this retro “The Little Mermaid” video game! Don’t be fooled — this game might appear easy as you help Ariel collect human objects, but Ursula is out to stop you. Find help from King Triton and Flounder and swim your way to success.

10. Tetris Retro Mini Arcade Game

Basic Fun

When you think of the ultimate retro game, Tetris is always at the top of the list. With classic gameplay that is just as fun and challenging today, Tetris is the perfect game for casual and devoted gamers alike.

11. MicroArcade Tetris


Is that mini Tetris arcade somehow still too big? Now it’s so small it can fit right in your wallet, or someone special’s stocking. So small it charges by micro USB, this handheld still packs a big punch with its colored screen and sound effects.

12. Basic Fun Carmen Sandiego Handheld Game

Basic Fun

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Travel the world looking for clues in this retro handheld to find the international criminal. Can you make it all the way to end and catch Carmen herself? Dive into one of the most popular computer games of all time and find out!

13. Arcade Classics Pac-Man Mini Arcade Game

Arcade Classics

No arcade is complete without the classic Pac-Man. Perfectly portable, put it in your bag and brag about your high score on the go. Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde don’t stand a chance.

14. Fat Brain Door Pong

Fat Brain

Love table tennis but don’t have room for the table? Well this pong game is meant to be played through a door frame! When it’s hanging from a string, you have to be quick on your feet to continually return the flying ping pong ball, so don't miss!

15. Oregon Trail Handheld Game

Basic Fun

The classic computer game we all played in school is now handheld! Whether your young one is learning about the Oregon Trail in school or you just want to remember what it feels like to suffer from constant drowning and dysentery, this retro game will have you playing again and again.

16. Franklin Sports Runaway Bean Bag Toss

Franklin Sports

Cornhole can get competitive, so why not start your training with this moving bean bag toss! The goal zooms from side to side, so get your feet moving as you aim, toss, and SCORE. Perfect to complete your gaming arcade, grab some tickets and play for fun prizes.

17. Ridley's Table Tennis Set


Table Tennis is now on the go! Bring this portable kit, set up the adjustable clamping net on any stable surface, and get ready to serve. Including orange ping pong balls and two orange and teal paddles, these retro vibes are perfect for the arcade.

18. Westminster Tabletop Foosball


Don’t have room for an entire foosball table? Well this tabletop foosball set has got you covered! Bring out the set for some quick matches, then store it out of sight until it’s time to live out your dreams of tiny foosball glory again. Choose either Liverpool or Manchester United and kick your way to victory.

19. Franklin Sports 5-In-1 Sports Center

Franklin Sports

Want to get your kids a perfect tabletop game, but can’t decide on which one? This 5-in-1 sports center set has got you covered. With pool, glide hockey, glide soccer, bowling, and basketball, you can rotate out your favorite games and never get bored!

20. Atari Flashback Portable Game Player


This handheld is the perfect gift for any nostalgic gamer. It’s filled with 70 classic Atari games, so you can remember how it felt to be in the back seat on a long road trip. Or teach your kids the power of the classics like Pac-Man, Frogger, and Dig Dug.

21. Paladone Nintendo NES Cartridge Coasters for Drinks


No arcade is complete without a soft drink. But we need to make sure we keep our tables clean, so grab these Nintendo NES Cartridge coasters. Adorable and functional, these eight vintage coasters will remind you of your favorite classic games as you play your favorite new ones.

22. Atari Pong Mini Arcade


Nothing beats the original, and Pong is the original video game. Sharpen up your skills on this classic arcade miniature! Grab a friend and play two-player, or go on a solo adventure to become the Pong champion. With four other classics, this arcade will provide hours of fun.

23. Space Invaders Retro Mini Arcade Game

Arcade Classics

Aliens are invading, and it is up to you to stop them! Grab this Space Invaders retro arcade game, hold onto the realistic joystick, and battle some seriously evil aliens. Featuring authentic ’80s graphics, sound effects, and game play, this game fits perfectly into your retro collection.

24. Micro Arcade Space Invaders

Micro Arcade

Didn’t think Space Invaders could get any smaller? Well this fully functional video game is the size of a credit card! Somehow it still has a fully colored screen, sound effects, and classic control, and fits perfectly into any stocking.

25. Arcade Basketball Hoop Game

Happy Dueks

Bring the full size arcade memories to your home with the classic Basketball Hoop Game. Perfect for an athletic playroom or a birthday activity — become a champion as you shoot your shot.